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Production design of marine engineering ship bulk material conveying system marine engineering ship is an engineering help ship for offshore oil exploitation. Bulk material conveying system is one of the most important material conveying systems of marine engineering ship. It uses the technology of gas-solid two-phase flow to realize the long-distance, closed and efficient transportation of powdery materials between onshore base stations, offshore engineering ships and offshore platforms, so as to supply the offshore platforms with powdery materials needed for drilling

for the production design of the whole ship, the production design of the bulk material system turbine has an important impact. The conveying medium of bulk material conveying system mainly includes cement, barite powder, limestone, etc. the theory of gas-solid two-phase fluidization is the basis of pneumatic conveying technology for powdery materials

1 introduction to the bulk material conveying system

1.1 operation principle of the bulk material conveying system

the bulk material conveying system applies the technology of gas-solid two-phase flow to change the pressure energy of the compressed air provided by the air compressor into kinetic energy for long-distance, closed and efficient conveying operation to achieve the expected conveying goal. The operation mode of bulk material conveying system is divided into loading operation and unloading operation. The onboard compressor not only provides power air source for the whole process, but also takes into account the functions of blowing aid and compressed air sweeping

1.2 components of bulk material conveying system the bulk material conveying system of offshore engineering ship is generally composed of bulk material storage tank, air compressor and cold dryer, process pipeline, remote control system of pipeline valve, monitoring and control equipment, etc. The conveyor is tensioned by the driving device, and the middle part of the conveyor belt lays the foundation for the high-end of all manufacturing industries; On the other hand, the frame and idler form a conveyor belt as a traction and bearing component. The cold dryer is mainly responsible for cooling and drying after air compression. In addition to pure material transportation, it can also cooperate with the requirements of the process in the production process of various industrial enterprises to form a rhythmic flow operation transportation line

2 production design of turbine

2.1 deployment and placement of equipment

(1) deployment and placement of recovery principle, structure, recovery process and operation method of recovery device of bulk tank. Marine bulk tank is an important equipment of bulk material conveying system of three purpose working ships served by offshore oil platform. It is generally composed of upper head, lower head, man l, outrigger, air inlet, air outlet, feed inlet, discharge outlet, safety valve, pressure gauge and other interfaces due to high shear stress. When the materials in the tank are filled with a certain amount of compressed air through specific gasification elements, the efficient and lossless transmission of powdery media between the platform supply ship and the offshore platform is realized, so as to realize the long-distance and high-speed continuous operation of the ship, and ensure the long-term, full load and safe continuous operation of offshore oil field exploitation and exploration

bulk tanks are generally deployed along the longitudinal direction of the ship owner. Generally, two bulk tanks are arranged at the bow and stern of the engineering ship. When deploying bulk material tanks, we shall design them according to the specific conditions of the ship, and determine the tank height, outer diameter, volume, structural strength, opening L position, nozzle orientation and other issues one by one, so as to ensure the structural safety and achieve the best loading effect

some engineering ships will adopt; 1. bulk tanks are deployed horizontally in the width direction, and the tank capacity of these bulk tanks is small, so that the tanks are close to the deck opening retainer, so as not to cause too much clearance. The reasonable arrangement of bulk tank can avoid the influence of the burr in the welded pipe after the pipe joint is connected by elbow on the feeding and discharging, and improve the feeding and discharging efficiency

(2) deployment of air compressor and cold dryer. The cold dryer and air compressor of bulk material conveying system of offshore engineering ship are generally deployed in close proximity or separately. The compressed air pipe of the header bulk material system adopts the main pipe type and is equipped with 2 air compressors and 1 cold dryer. General purpose air compressor: according to the national standard, the exhaust pressure is 0.7 MPa. If it is higher or lower than this pressure, it is a non-standard special air compressor

for the gas-liquid separation of the cold dryer, the gas-liquid separator with the organic combination of cyclone separation and stainless steel wire fog catching plays an important role in complete gas-liquid separation, avoiding the secondary evaporation of water and ensuring the drying effect of the cold dryer. The head and tail bulk tanks of the offshore engineering ship are supplied with air by 1 air compressor and cold dryer respectively. The pipe end interfaces of air compressors and cold dryers are generally set at one side of the equipment, and about 600mm connecting pipe space is reserved at the pipe orifice side of the equipment

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