The year-on-year growth rate of excavator sales in

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The year-on-year growth rate of excavator sales in March is expected to be close to 50%

the sales development prospect in March is very optimistic, and the year-on-year growth rate is expected to be close to 50%: in February 2018, 11113 excavators were sold, with a year-on-year growth rate of -23.5%. The negative year-on-year growth is mainly due to the influence of the Spring Festival

in total, the sales volume reached 21800 units, with a year-on-year increase of 14.3%, which basically met our prediction and exceeded the previous market expectations. According to our industrial chain research, after the Lantern Festival, projects in infrastructure, real estate, mining and other fields in the South started successively, which was better than that in the same period last year; In the northern region this year, the city also attached importance to the cooperation with well-known scientific research institutes in scientific research and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The gas was warm and the construction started significantly ahead of schedule, especially the coal and mountain opening projects started very well. From the communication and feedback of various agents and OEMs, it is estimated that the year-on-year growth rate in March is close to 50%, which means that the sales volume per month in March is likely to exceed 30000 sets. From this perspective, the overall sales volume in the first quarter is expected to exceed 30% and continue to exceed market expectations

the growth rate of medium and large-scale mining is higher, and the supply of core parts is insufficient, which leads to the shortage of medium and large-scale mining: from the domestic sales in January, the cumulative sales of large-scale mining, medium-sized mining and small-scale mining are 3473, 4849 and 10948 respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 61.8%, 31.4% and -8.9% respectively. The growth rate of medium and large-scale mining is significantly higher than that of small-scale mining, continuing the trend since last year, showing the strong demand for large-scale infrastructure projects and mining in the downstream. According to our grassroots research, they account for 13.9% respectively; For the equipment major engine brand with a travel of 500 ~ 900mm, zhongdabou is still in a state of short supply, and the main reason is that the valve element needs to be redone is the insufficient supply of zhongdabou pump valve. We expect that the tight supply of core parts will continue. Due to the sufficient stock of small excavation, there is no large-scale shortage in the case of hot demand

environmental factors may promote the continuous growth of excavators in the next few years: on the one hand, the state attaches importance to the emission of existing excavators and estimates that the upgrading of high emission equipment will be accelerated; On the other hand, the fourth national emission standard for non road mobile machinery is expected to be launched in the next year, which will promote the early release of market demand. Two factors may promote the continuous growth of excavator in the next few years

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