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Chemical manufacturers shall notify high concern substances before June 1

chemical products produce or cover instruments with dust covers. Manufacturers and importers (furniture, construction products, clothing, etc.) have the obligation to notify ECHA of high concern substances included in the candidate list that contain more than 0.1% by weight in 1 ton/year of chemical products produced or imported

The substances on the

candidate list are officially recognized as substances of high concern due to their hazardous characteristics to the environment and human health. When the candidate list contains the substance, the enterprise must notify ECHA whether the substance exists in its chemicals within 6 months. For those substances listed on the candidate list on December 1st, 2010, the relevant notifications must be submitted before June 1st, 2011

in order to support enterprises to fulfill their obligations, ECHA recently updated reach-it to allow the submission of chemical notifications. In order to clarify the process of actual submission leading to global market demand, a new chemical submission manual has been released. The manual can be downloaded from the new page of the article bulletin. Interested parties can get more information in the reach process of ECHA station. The biggest feature of reciprocating single screw extruder is to realize high filling processing of different materials. In order to facilitate the submission of information required for notification, ECHA allows the material data group of candidate list substances to be filled in advance in iuclid5.3 form. These data sets include material identification, classification and labeling, and can be downloaded from the candidate list page

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