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After decades of unremitting efforts, with the wave of modern industrial development in China, the national brand pump industry rose quietly. From this issue, the pump friends' circle will show by stages those who stand in the tide of the times, fiddle with the waves of the pump market, and become the leading trendsetter in the pump Market - excellent domestic pump brands. Phase 1 this state is glassy: when the temperature continues to rise to a certain range,

after decades of unremitting efforts, with the wave of modern industrial development in China, the national brand pump industry quietly rises. From this issue, the pump friends' circle will show by stages those who stand in the tide of the times, fiddle with the waves of the pump market, and become the leading trendsetter in the pump Market - excellent domestic pump brands. Issue 1 presents the southern pump industry

company profile

Nanfang Pump Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nanfang pump) as a subsidiary of Nanfang Zhongjin environment Co., Ltd., founded in 1991, was issued and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on December 9, 2010, with stock code: "300145"

in 2019, the annual output of Nanfang pump industry has exceeded 900000 sets/set, with sales of nearly 3 billion, and continues to maintain high-speed growth, constantly creating greater brilliance

Nanfang pump Hangzhou headquarters ▼

Nanfang pump, which has a national enterprise technology center, is the main product of the new generation CDM (f) light vertical multistage centrifugal pump, with ultra-high energy efficiency and Mei ≥ 0.7. It has developed the same series of high-temperature pump products in 2019, meeting the pump demand in the high-temperature field

all kinds of stainless steel light pump series products have maintained stable growth; Complete sets of intelligent water supply and drainage equipment are technologically advanced: TD series pipeline circulating pump, NIS series end suction centrifugal pump, NSC series split pump, WQ submersible sewage pump, PQ stainless steel fountain dedicated submersible pump, BP silent pipe pump, swimming pool pump, non clogging Self-priming sewage pump, metering pump, oil pump and other product series, which meet the overall application needs of different fields

intelligent three-dimensional storage system ▼

the company has established a perfect marketing service network. While continuously meeting the domestic market demand, its products are actively exported to overseas markets. It has maintained deep and long-term cooperation with customers in more than 60 overseas countries and regions. It is widely used in environmental water treatment, water supply and drainage, HVAC, industrial applications, seawater desalination, energy and power and many other fields

factory situation

the headquarters production base

produces all kinds of stainless steel light pump series products. It is currently the largest production base of stainless steel stamping and welding centrifugal pumps in China and the drafting unit of industrial standards. The main products include CDM (f) light vertical multistage centrifugal pumps, TD series pipeline circulating pumps, NIS series end suction centrifugal pumps, WQ submersible sewage pumps, PQ stainless steel fountain special submersible pumps, BP silent pipe pumps, swimming pool pumps Non clogging Self-priming sewage pump, etc

automatic laser welding robot ▼


production base of complete water supply (drainage) equipment

is mainly engaged in the sales, R & D and manufacturing of water supply and drainage equipment. In 2019, the annual output has exceeded 7000 sets/set. As a national key high-tech enterprise, the company officially launched a new generation of energy-saving products - CDE digital full frequency conversion water supply equipment in 2019

automatic stamping production line ▼

the equipment adopts rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, specially developed synchronous frequency converter and highly integrated and optimized design of Spanish hydro brand vdro pump body, which has the characteristics of high matching, high safety and high efficiency. Various water supply and drainage products developed and produced include secondary water supply equipment, non negative pressure booster pump station, smart standard pump room, direct drinking water equipment, sewage lifting, oil-water separation, integrated prefabricated pump station, integrated sewage treatment equipment, etc

metering pump production base

is mainly engaged in the sales, R & D and manufacturing of metering pumps, dosing devices and pneumatic diaphragm pumps. In 2019, the annual output of metering pumps and pneumatic diaphragm pumps has exceeded 22258 sets/set, with sales of nearly 100 million

as the first domestic enterprise to develop bypass oil control metering pump, it has developed a complete series of R-Series pump types in 2018 and put them on the market in batches. The comprehensive performance of the products is better than the traditional structural pump types, among which the RA pump type has been awarded as a provincial-level industrial new product in Zhejiang. The main products are mechanical diaphragm metering pump, hydraulic diaphragm metering pump, plunger metering pump, electromagnetic metering pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump and complete dosing device series

oil pump production base

an innovative high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service, is committed to developing centralized lubricating oil pumps and lubricating system related products with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness. It mainly develops and produces dry and thin oil centralized lubrication system equipment products. The products are widely used in machine tool machinery, forging machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, CNC machining centers, automotive chassis, engineering machinery, wind power industry and other production industries

precision casting production base

integrates the R & D, production and sales of castings, specializing in the production of castings made of stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, ductile iron and other materials. The leading products include pump accessories, valve accessories, structural castings and other three series of precision castings and ductile iron castings. The annual output of precision casting has exceeded 3000t, and the annual output of sand casting has reached 20000T

Nanfeng machinery has a testing center composed of imported direct reading spectrometer, magnetic particle flaw detection, X-ray flaw detection, coordinate measuring machine, etc. its products are produced by advanced all silica sol medium temperature wax investment casting process. It has two all silica sol investment casting production lines, two iron mold sand coating production lines, two resin sand production lines and independent machining production workshops, which meet the overall application needs of different fields

the company has a testing center composed of imported direct reading spectrometer, magnetic particle flaw detection, X-ray flaw detection, y-ray flaw detection, three coordinate weight measuring machine, universal tensile testing machine, physical and chemical analysis facilities, and its products can be tested according to GB, hg Sh. astim/asme JIS, DIN and other standards organize production, and carry out strict and effective control from raw materials to production process and testing methods

medium and high-end large and medium-sized industrial pump production base

mainly develops and produces various pump products and pump supporting products with their own unique technical advantages and independent intellectual property rights. All kinds of medium and high-end large and medium-sized pumps developed and produced include single-stage double suction axially split centrifugal pumps, horizontal multistage axially split centrifugal pumps, vertical long shaft pumps, barrel and bag condensate pumps, vertical and submersible diagonal pumps, vertical and submersible axial pumps, volute mixed flow pumps and sewage pumps, segmental multistage centrifugal pumps, right angle gear boxes for pumps, special motors for large and medium-sized shell water-cooled deep well pumps, various membrane desalination pumps and petrochemical pumps Mobile pump trucks and other products are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, steel, water conservancy, municipal administration, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical industry, fire protection and many other fields

production base of high-end fire pump sets

in strict accordance with nfpa20 standards, the production process and factory test of the products meet the requirements of ISO9001. At present, many products have obtained French apsad, American UL, FM certification and domestic CCCF certification. It is one of the few domestic enterprises that have obtained UL, FM and CCCF certification at the same time, and it is also one of the few pump enterprises that have UL certification of diesel engines and pumps all over the world

testing ability

the South Pump Testing Center has three modules: pump testing room, laboratory and measurement room, with 7 full-time testers

the water pump testing room has reached the domestic advanced level and meets the level 1 accuracy requirements in the national standards gb/t "hydraulic performance acceptance test of rotary power pumps, levels 1, 2 and 3" and gb/t "test methods for submersible electric pumps". It has obtained CMA and CNAs certificates and has been rated as a national CNAs accredited laboratory

the main testing equipment in the laboratory includes direct reading spectrometer, hand-held spectrometer, salt water spray testing machine, microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine, microcomputer high-speed analyzer, carbon sulfur joint testing analyzer, touch screen electronic Brinell hardness tester, Rockwell hardness tester, microcomputer multifunctional electrolytic thickness gauge, plane light band detector, compression testing machine, bursting strength testing machine, puncture strength testing machine, digital paper moisture meter, etc, It can realize the chemical material analysis of different metal raw materials, the mechanical property test of metal materials, the destructive salt spray test of electrophoretic paint and coated parts, the detection of mechanical seal springs, dynamic and static rings, and other main parts, as well as the detection of the strength and moisture of packaging cartons

the measuring room mainly manages three measuring tools, torque wrenches, electrical parameters, tachometers, flow meters, pressure gauges and other instruments. The three measuring tools have established standards and are qualified for self inspection and self calibration; The torque wrench is equipped with a torque wrench calibrator and professional operators have the ability to automatically affect the normal work. At the same time, the measuring room is equipped with large-scale testing equipment ml122010 CMM, which can measure large and medium-sized complex parts with high efficiency and high precision

water pump testing room

the water pump testing room was jointly constructed by Zhejiang Institute of mechanical and electrical design and Shandong Institute of agricultural machinery science. It was first built in December 2013 and put into use in December 2014. It covers an area of 1440 ㎡ and the water tank capacity is 2000m3

a two-story auxiliary room is built in. The first floor includes the general distribution substation, transformer and soft start cabinet, and the second floor serves as the central control room. The test-bed is divided into five test-bed positions, including large closed test-bed, small closed test-bed, open test-bed, submersible pump test-bed and self-priming test-bed. It can realize the simultaneous testing of any two platforms of the closed large platform (or Self-priming test), the closed small platform, and the strong force value, such as the wheel spoke sensor open platform and the submersible pump test platform, and the operation test of the other two platforms

there are two sets of the same central console in the central control room for the control of all high and low pressure equipment, valves and auxiliary pumps. The water pump test system on the central console adopts two control modes: direct control and remote control to ensure the reliable operation of the test system

the test system uses the AD conversion module to convert the collected signals of the sensor, so as to realize the automatic data collection by the microcomputer. After the test is completed, the results, data and curves can be output, with the functions of automatic discrimination and error calculation and analysis. The table sample can be called automatically or prompted to choose to call. At the same time, the test report in Chinese and English can be provided according to the needs of customers, and the test data can be viewed remotely

product test scope: end suction centrifugal pump, light vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump, sewage submersible pump, non clogging Self-priming sewage pump, membrane desalination high-pressure pump, immersion multi-stage centrifugal pump, pipeline circulating pump, split pump, double suction pump (diameter not greater than 500mm)

product test items: centrifugal pump electric measurement method and torque meter method type test (pump performance test, pump cavitation test); Electric measurement type test of submersible pump and submersible sewage pump (no-load test of three-phase motor, pump performance test, motor load test, motor temperature rise test, motor locked rotor test); Suction test, noise and vibration test

product testing capability: Test caliber DN20 ~ DN500; Test flow ≤ 3000m3/h; Test power low voltage ≤ 3KW (220V); ≤355kW(380V) ; ≤ 560kW(690V) ; High voltage ≤ 1000kW (6kv/10kv); Frequency conversion range: 45Hz ~ 60Hz

large closed bench ▼

test caliber: DN200 ~ DN350; Test flow: 0 ~ 1000m3/h; Test lift: ≤ 160m

diving platform position ▼

test caliber: DN20 ~ DN200; Test flow: 0 ~ 1000m3/h

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