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Manufacturing method of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride plastic pipe


100 grams of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin (SG-5 type)

4 ~ 5 grams of tribasic lead sulfate

1 ~ 1.5 grams of lead stearate

1 ~ 1.2 grams of barium stearate

1 grams of paraffin

5 grams of calcium carbonate

process, performance and use:

born on December 3, 2012 the daily production process is basically the same as that of PVC pipes, However, because the melt viscosity of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride is about 3 times that of polyvinyl chloride, and its thermal decomposition temperature is very close to the melt flow temperature, the temperature during extrusion is slightly higher than that of polyvinyl chloride, and the adjustment range is narrow, and the heating time is short. In order to facilitate processing, an appropriate amount of modifiers, such as EVA, ABS, MBS, CPE, etc., can be added. After adding, the pipe will take root in Hefei for more than 20 years, and the low-temperature impact strength will also be improved

the temperature of single screw extruder is: 160 ° C in feeding section, 170 ° C in compression section, 180 ° C in metering section, 185 ° C in head and 190 ° C in die; The temperature of the twin-screw extruder is: 160 ° C in the feeding section, 175 ° C in the compression section, 185 ° C in the metering section, 190 ° C in the head and 190 ° C in the die

this product is generally gray, and the inner and outer walls are required to be smooth without bubbles, cracks, dents, impurities, decomposition, discoloration lines and other defects. The Vicat softening temperature exceeds 100 ° C

compared with PVC pipes, this product has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, flame retardancy and mechanical properties, which are more prominent at high temperatures. Generally, the maximum service temperature of PVC pipes is 80 ° C, and the safe service temperature is 60 ° C. when chlorinated PVC pipes are used at (9) 120 ° C of building blocks, their mechanical strength does not decrease significantly, and when they are used below 100 ° C, they can maintain sufficient mechanical strength, It is especially suitable for storing and transporting hot water, hot chemical solutions and waste liquids

it should also be noted that when SG-5 chlorinated polyvinyl chloride is selected, its chlorine content should be 60 ~ 68%

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