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Polyester filament: under the upward inertia, the manufacturer's quotation continues to rise

the polyester filament Market in the East China market is divided into regions, with obvious increase in Zhejiang, relatively stable in Jiangsu, and individual increase in specifications. Polyester filament POY market rose, Tongxiang factory proved reserves, and the quotation was increased by yuan, and its volume resistivity was 0.09 Ω Cm/ton, the discount of Taicang manufacturer is cancelled, and the current poy150d/48f quotation is 11150 yuan/ton; The FDY Market of polyester filament is on the rise. The quotations of 3 or 4 manufacturers in Xiaoshan area have increased by 100 yuan/ton, the quotations of manufacturers in Shaoxing area have increased by yuan/ton, and the FDY of No. 1 factory in Wujiang area has increased by 100 yuan/ton. Now the fdy150d/96f is quoted at 11300 yuan/ton; The DTY Market of polyester filament production is on the rise. The quotation of manufacturers in Xiaoshan area has increased by 100 yuan/ton, and that in Tongxiang area has increased by 100 yuan/ton. Now the quotation of dty150d/48f is 12500 yuan/ton. The manufacturer reported that the weekend production and sales were moderate

Longzhong believes that: in the second half of last week, the filament market hit the bottom, and we also wish the annual meeting of the non metal branch in September a happy and successful bomb. Although it is only a few days, manufacturers with small market elasticity under the upward inertia are still willing to increase prices in the short term. In addition, in the early stage, some manufacturers offered low prices. After reducing inventory and providing relatively perfect services, the driving force for rising prices is also great, so today manufacturers continue to offer prices, The quotation of manufacturers with larger market elasticity is relatively stable, and the quotation of manufacturers with smaller market elasticity rises

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