Manufacturing process of the hottest bearing steel

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Production process of bearing steel balls

production process of bearing steel balls:

bearing steel balls are produced by special steel ball rolling mills, mainly through the following processes:

1. Embryo making: various spherical blanks are made by various process methods

2.、 Grinding: put the spherical blank into the grinding disc with two concentric rings with the same size and triangular cross-section, which matches the blank size, and add oil and coarse abrasive; The upper grinding plate rotates and the lower grinding plate does not move. The above ball mills are called roughing mills. There can be multiple rough grinding courses as required

3. Cleaning: after each rough grinding, clean the oil and coarse abrasive residue stuck on the surface of the ball

learned 4. Fine grinding: put the blanks that have completed the rough grinding into the fine mill; State acceptance response countermeasure add low viscosity oil and fine abrasive, and grind to standard size

5. Polishing: the process is similar to rough grinding and fine grinding

then heat treatment, some with shot peening, some without. The last process is the hydraulic double-sided flat push clamping fixture of Jinan experimental machine factory, which can easily realize the rapid clamping, centering and positioning of the sample. Generally, the combination of grinding and polishing fluid is used. In this way, the steel balls of the bearing are manufactured to ensure the safety of the experiment

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