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The manufacturing equipment of edible packaging film cm

environmental friendly edible packaging is the main trend of the development of new technologies in the world food industry. It has involved a wide range of application fields, such as casing, fruit wax, sugar coating, glutinous rice paper, paper coating and tablet coating. In recent years, developed countries have competed in the research and development of edible packaging, and new products and technologies continue to emerge because of its diverse functions, environmentally friendly, convenient materials and edible products. It can be said that the research of environmental friendly edible packaging film has entered a climax, especially for the research of film-forming materials of environmental friendly edible packaging film, there are relatively mature technologies

however, the research on edible packaging film manufacturing equipment is rare, which seriously affects the industrialized large-scale production of edible packaging film, thus affecting the promotion and application of environmental friendly edible packaging. In order to meet the needs of industrialized large-scale production of environmental friendly edible packaging film, an edible film is designed (2) its strength and wear resistance are increased through appropriate heat treatment processes (quenching and tempering, carburization and quenching, etc.); Plastic packaging film manufacturing equipment -- cm-1 film making machine, which has the characteristics of adjustable film forming parameters and wide range of applicable materials

the machine is mainly composed of box shaped frame, transmission device (composed of transmission chain and red copper belt), drying device for accelerating the transformation and development of heating, humidity regulating device, if there is any unclear place, so the film thickness regulating device, film rolling device, pipes and valves

the main working principle is: the membrane material is lifted into the feeder by the slurry pump, formed into a film by the film thickness adjusting device, then dried and humidified into a satisfactory film, and then formed into a film roll of a certain specification by the film rolling device

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