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Manufacturing equipment and development of the world carton industry

cardboard color cartons are a kind of widely used sales packaging containers. Its manufacturing process is relatively complex, and it needs to go through such processing procedures as fixed width paper cutting, decoration printing, glazing and calendering, die cutting and indentation, folding and pasting boxes

previous processes were mainly single machine production with single function, and some were supplemented by manual operation. The production efficiency was low, the labor intensity was high, and the quality of cartons was not high. The application of cad/cam, numerical control, laser and other high and new technologies in the carton industry has greatly improved the mechanization and automation level of cartons. For example, the emergence of high-speed full-automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine has improved the working efficiency of the cassette machine by nearly 10 times compared with the one that needed manual operation in the past, "said Tong Wenhong; The successful development of automatic folding and pasting machine has ended the history of manual pasting of commonly used cartons. The use of cam equipment such as automatic cutting machine, automatic bending machine, carton proofing machine, CNC laser graphic cutting machine, etc. can be described as a technological revolution in the production of box die-cutting board.

due to the wide variety and complex structure of cartons, their processing technology and the wide range of subject knowledge involved, it is still very difficult to realize the generalization, standardization and serialization of manufacturing equipment to detect angular displacement signals and send them to computers for data processing

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