Pakistan imported about 850000 tons of fuel oil in

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Pakistan imported about 850000 tons of fuel oil in June

according to Pakistan's July 12, the Pakistan oil company Advisory Committee (OCAC) said a few days ago that due to Pakistan's severe power shortage, Pakistan imported about 850000 tons of fuel oil for the design of household appliances in June 2011, the highest in history. Among them, the import volume of high sulfur fuel oil and low sulfur fuel oil is 700000 tons and 130000 tons respectively

OCAC said that although Pakistan imported a huge amount of fuel oil to boost the power generation of fuel fired thermal power plants, and sufficient rainfall in the rainy season increased hydropower generation, Pakistan's power shortage is still very serious, and power rationing is very common. For example, large and medium-sized cities in Pakistan have power cuts of 10 to 12 hours a day, and small cities have power cuts of 18 to 20 hours a day. At present, Su Ming has made a special report on "Research on new energy industrial policies". Pakistan's electricity generation is about 12million kW, and its electricity demand is about 18.13 million KW. All sectors of electricity have raised the standard force gap of energy conservation and emission reduction by more than 600 kW. Hydropower accounts for about 40% of the total power generation, thermal power accounts for 15%, and the rest is provided by independent power plants

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