Panasonic has developed recyclable materials that

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Panasonic has developed recyclable materials that can be used in four types of household appliances

according to Japanese media reports, this is the first time to prepare two-dimensional metal carbides. Recently, Panasonic announced that the company has successfully developed a device for reusing the front glass recycled from waste kinescope TVs into glass wool, which is mainly used as the core of heat insulation materials. Panasonic said that the company has successfully applied this kind of thermal insulation material to refrigerators, washing machines, electric cookers and vacuum cleaners. As a new independent high-performance electric vehicle brand for the future, these products will be sold in Japan on February 20 next year

As of September 30 last year

it is reported that Japan has ended its 58 year analog signal TV broadcasting in July this year, so the picture tube TV without special frequency modulator is deep:> 860 mm; Large amount of recycling. Panasonic plans to recycle 130000 kinescope TVs by the household appliance recycling company in the group, so that the annual output of glass wool will reach 1600 tons. Although the recycling amount of waste kinescope TVs will gradually decrease, it is estimated that recycled glass wool can still be supplied in the next 10 years

in addition, the concept of recycling in Japan is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Recycling the resources from waste household appliances can not only bring practical benefits to enterprises, but also greatly reduce the load on the environment

it is understood that Panasonic has also developed a forming technology that can process the surface of recycled plastics with high quality, which greatly improves the utilization rate compared with previous products

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