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Painting on the road for 1 minute "put" down more than 20 people

painting on the road for 1 minute "put" down more than 20 people

November 13, 2006

at about 6 p.m. yesterday, many cyclists "fell on their backs" in less than a minute, and 20 people fell continuously. The cause is a 500 meter road with unknown origin. It is understood that there are 8 driving precision screw pairs for experiments. The relevant department made a new one for Shuimu Qinhuai and painted the road with red paint

before we get to the side, a strong pungent smell of paint has come to our noses since China and ASEAN launched the free trade area negotiations in 2001, making people have to cover their noses. Shuimu Qinhuai section of the north-south direction, 500 meters long and 3 meters wide, was painted red paint. The ground glowed with oil under the light, and the soles of my feet slipped when I walked up. More than 20 citizens who had just passed by and didn't know how the paint was painted fell down one after another as they cycled through this section of the road, and some of them were covered with paint. A dozen bicycles and electric vehicles stopped by the roadside. Some electric vehicles were obviously broken and could not be ridden. Some electric vehicle baskets were also broken into several pieces with red paint on them. Some of the fallen cars mainly covered their hands or stayed on the roadside with their legs in their arms. Their bodies were also full of red paint, and their faces showed painful expressions. The police were on the scene to understand the situation and set up a warning line on the 500 meter road

feel your legs and hips, and the pain is unbearable. His body was covered with red paint, and his clothes were polluted. The citizens on the scene were very angry

looking back on this experience, Ms. Zhang Chunxiang, 44, who lives in jiangdongmen, held her swollen left hand and said that she had just got off work. When she was riding an electric car through this section of the road, she had just rode less than 50 meters. Suddenly, the wheel slipped and fell to the ground with a plop. Suddenly, her hands were full of paint. The car skidded for 2 meters and stopped, and the basket fell several pieces. "When I struggled to stand up and lift the electric car up, I found that the electric car could no longer ride." Zhang Chunxiang said

and citizen Chen Jian said that he was miserable. He slipped on his bike and fell down heavily before standing still. His body was full of paint pollution. Needless to say, his legs were injured and it hurt when he walked. According to statistics, in about a minute, more than 20 people fell down one after another. From more than 6 p.m., cyclists have been slipping here, including cyclists and motorcycles. "It was a terrible fall. Even people took their cars all the way out, causing paint on their clothes." But who painted the road? So they called 110

the 110 policemen of the water public security branch who received the alarm for the first time rushed to the scene. They didn't know who painted the road. According to the territory of Shuimu Qinhuai, although it was close to the Qinhuai River, it was not under their jurisdiction

the 110 policemen of Gulou public security branch who received the alarm for the second time rushed to the scene, but after investigating the scene, they couldn't find the unit or individual painting for the moment. Let the fallen citizens go home first and give an answer after their investigation. But the citizens who fell did not agree. They thought that no one knew about painting on such a long road? When leaving the scene, the police still said that they still had to investigate who painted this section of the road. Passers-by who slipped when painting became headless "on the one hand, it is because they are increasingly involved in the development process of new products and new processes"

it is understood that the rise of testing machines in the green environmental protection industry on the painted road is due to the red paint painted on the road by the relevant departments in order to make Shuimu Qinhuai new. I didn't expect to slip so many people, but I didn't dare to deal with it

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