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Shaanxi Normal University used polyurethane foam sealant to repair the murals in Qianling tomb

recently, it found an interesting patent - "the application of polyurethane foam sealant in repairing the hollowing of ancient murals in wet tombs"

this patent was invented by Shaanxi Normal University and is used to repair the hollowing of the murals of damp ancient tombs. This patent has been used to repair the hollow murals in the tomb of Prince Zhang Huai in Qianling, Shaanxi Province, and the hollow murals in the dome of Princess Yongtai's tomb. The test results show that polyurethane foam sealant can be used under the conditions of high soluble salt content and changes in temperature and humidity environment. It has made contributions to the archaeological work in China

Princess Yongtai tomb

Prince Zhang Huai mural - "bird watching and cicada catching waitress"

polyurethane foam sealant is a single component, moisture curing, multi-purpose polyurethane foam filled elastic sealing material, which has been repeatedly pointed out on the scene and listed as a promotion and application product for the construction of the precision level of experimental machines during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". It is understood that the minimum bonding strength of polyurethane foam caulking agent is 0.004mpa, which fully meets the bonding requirements, and can effectively solve the hollowing disease of murals in underground tombs and protect cultural relics

it is reported that since the product was popularized and applied in China at the end of last century and the beginning of this century, the market demand for PU foam sealant has expanded rapidly, and the annual consumption of the national construction market is about 30 million cans. With the improvement of building quality requirements and the promotion of energy-saving and consumption reducing buildings, the consumption of harmful materials such as dioxin will be produced. In the future, the general experimental method of building adhesive gb/t 12954 (9) 1 will also grow steadily

the growth of polyurethane foam sealant market will drive the increase of demand for its raw material MDI and composite materials. According to the statistics of professional institutions, the consumption of MDI and composite raw materials used in the production of polyurethane foam sealant reached about 50000 tons in 2009, and the consumption of MDI and other raw materials is expected to reach about 60000 tons in 2010

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