Design of precision injection mold for hot runner

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Design of precision injection mold for hot runner of coil framework 1. Introduction with the historical scholar Xiao Gongqin openly saying that the hot runner technology is improving day by day and the manufacturing level of hot runner components is continuously improving, the hot runner technology has been widely used in injection mold, especially in the electronics manufacturing industry. Due to the promotion and use of hot runner technology, it not only shortens the injection molding cycle, but also realizes the first mock examination with multiple cavities and improves production efficiency, At the same time, it also plays a very important role in improving and stabilizing the quality of plastic parts and reducing production costs

II. Analysis of plastic molding process

the figure is 1 ton or more. 1 shows the coil skeleton of a certain wear-free electronic component. The material is pet-530 (natural color), which requires mass automatic production. The structure and shape of the parts are complex, the size is small (the maximum size is only 18.70mm), and the accuracy requirements are high according to China's national standards. Because the wall thickness of the cylinder is only 0.41mm, the size of 15.20mm is not easy to guarantee, and it is easy to deform after forming, affecting its accuracy. 2

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