Design of single cavity mold for the bottle cap of

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Design of single cavity mold for drug bottle cap

Smiths pharmaceutical company supplies various health care devices and equipment, including those used in special care in hospitals and daily care in communities. When the data is bent and the force value fluctuates up and down, the signal change is so prepared. Its solutions include pain care products, needles and safe blood collection products, temperature management, diabetes treatment, injection therapy, assisted reproduction and patient monitoring

according to the company, its goal is "to deliver products consistently according to performance requirements, so that products are value for money, safe and assured." "In the past three years, Smiths has kept its promise in the field of diabetes insulin pump treatment, and successfully introduced the cozmore insulin technology system to the market, reaching a high level in technology." Cleo 90 is the latest innovative product

precise injection device

an indispensable part of Cleo 90 is the needle conveying system, which is composed of a small plastic cylinder. This small plastic cylinder is sealed with a cover made by precision technology (). This kind of cover is solid, which can be tightened and loosened, and has a protective effect. According to mark Faust, senior project manager of Smiths, before providing precise with the schematic drawing, physical model and design requirements of the cover, they conducted extensive market research on users, while precise provided proprietary technology and mold design

injection device is the core of any insulin pump system. The injection device is composed of flexible pipeline, which is connected with the pump. The required insulin preparation is delivered by pump. The end of the pipeline is a thin and soft needle or intubation, which can be buried under the skin of the abdomen, thigh or buttocks through an introduction needle. After the insertion needle is removed, only the intubation is left in place. According to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer in accordance with FDA directives, the injection device is usually replaced every 2 to 3 days

The cleo90 injection device was developed by Smiths to solve the convenience, flexibility and safety problems of products in the existing market. Other similar injection device products are composed of multiple components, which are packed separately in small film bags, and certain skills are required when inserting. Cleo 90 is a multi-in-one system that is easy to handle after use. It is composed of a small cylinder, equipped with an automatic needle safety system, a skin like adhesive bandage and a hidden insertion needle, which is very convenient to operate

Precision technology is a manufacturer that supplies strong sealed cans. Robert fesus, its health care product account manager, explained, "Smiths' goal is to have a ready to use and disposable product, and this strong cover is its main component."

smiths' goal is to have a "use and discard" product. The key to this system is the cover, because there must be a protective device

design single cavity mold

as it celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, precision technology has grown into one of the largest contract injection molding manufacturers in the United States, with 15 points in the United States and 1 point in Europe, operating more than 425 injection molding machines in total. The four main areas of the company are: health care, consumer goods packaging, personal care, and food and beverage applications

for Smiths, Cleo 90 cartridges and seals deviate from the history of traditional film packaging for injection. They fully understand the purpose of this packaging, so they rely on precision to help them achieve these goals. In the packaging design, people cannot know this is a kind of medical equipment at a glance, because this product is used outside the hospital

Gary Berge, senior product design engineer of precision, said that the biggest difficulty is that it is both strong and easy to open

according to Kurt attermeier, vice president of research and development of precise, other design requirements of Smiths include: easy assembly, microbial blocking measures, and compatibility with various disinfection methods

The Illinois Park of precision has a mold manufacturing workshop covering an area of 83000 square feet, which uses CNC (computer digital control), EDM (electrical processing) and hard grinding technology to manufacture high tolerance, high and low cavity production molds. Grassel said that after the acquisition of courtesy, precision invested in the double number explicit experimental machine. Due to the experimental force and displacement, it adopted high-precision load sensors and displacement sensors, and $1million was spent on the rectification of the working environment, the modernization of the production process, and the purchase of new equipment, including Mikron HSM 800 high-speed grinder

in the factory, Fastrack's rapid tooling manufacturing process is used to make critical models that need to be in a hurry as soon as possible. In the center of the 8000 square foot mold production workshop is the Fastrack production area. This area is all Fastrack equipment, and the operators have received cross training, and can operate at least two or three different equipment at the same time

as far as cleo90 sealing is concerned, the parts originally produced cannot meet all the functional requirements during Smiths test. Smiths had to turn around and redraw the drawing board, and suggested several design and molding schemes to precise. The suggestion to precise is to pull out the undercut and use special cooling methods in processing. Precise brought these suggestions to Gary Berge to design a tool and integrate Smiths' ideas

the final cover design adopts a central "column" to protect the needle and includes several adjusting pieces, which can be placed in the inner thread. Ribs are used on the outside of the cover and the tear tape to properly position the cover during assembly. In addition, the cover also adopts a unique blocking belt design, which is completed by accurately manufactured bridges, which is very necessary to ensure that the belts can be reliably separated

the design of the sealing belt is one of precise's core capabilities, which is another factor that attracts Smiths to the door. Fesus said that because of his confidence in precise's skills, Smiths decided not to conduct on-site investigations of precise's factory or monitor its R & D process. "This is another reason why they came to us. They trusted our experience in precision sealing, and we gained their trust," he said

Precision's 83000 square foot mold manufacturing workshop uses CNC, EDM and solid grinding technology to produce molds with high tolerance and high and low cavities

confirm materials and processes

in terms of material selection, precise and smiths chose high melting point high-density polyethylene resin from Dow Chemical ()

after completing the single cavity sample mold, precise began to confirm the process and materials, and produced seals for FDA inspection and smiths marketing

precise's pharmaceutical modeling and equipment assembly operations are carried out in an environmentally controlled workshop covering an area of 101000 square feet. The workshop has 38 injection molding machines with a capacity of 55 to 550 tons, and some are equipped with robots. On the day of PD's visit, precise was producing 2. 5% of its products on a 65 ton Krauss Maffei () injection molding machine This single cavity mold product of oscilloscope Smiths. Fesus said that when the multi cavity mold is ready, the seal will be produced on a 165 ton machine

precise made bottle caps with a single cavity mold on a 65 ton injection molding machine

precise is proud of its comprehensive validation test procedure. With this program, fesus said that in many cases, customers do not have to inspect products. He explained, "the key to having a verification process is that when you work at the front end, or if you troubleshoot and properly debug the mold, and establish various cycles to try to meet the requirements of key dimensions, you can use statistical analysis to ensure that all products are qualified."

for Smiths, precision's comprehensive validation services and its various capabilities have enabled the company to produce a unique drug delivery system for diabetes patients. In October, 2004, Cleo 90 was approved by FDA. It was also at this time that Faust of Smiths told PD that national marketing campaigns and customer forums had received "very positive" feedback. (end)

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