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Shaanxi heavy truck held the 2016 summary and 2017 goal mobilization conference

Shaanxi heavy truck held the 2016 summary and 2017 goal mobilization conference

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Beijing time, December 29, 2016, Shaanxi heavy duty truck Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shaanxi heavy duty truck") a holding subsidiary of Weichai Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Weichai Power") held a summary of Shaanxi heavy duty truck's overfulfilling of 2016 production and operation tasks and a 2017 goal mobilization meeting in Xi'an. Jiang Feng, vice governor of Shaanxi Province, attended the meeting, accompanied by leaders from the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, the provincial SASAC, and Xi'an Economic Development Zone. Tan Xuguang, chairman of Shandong heavy industry group, chairman of Weichai Power, and chairman of Shaanxi heavy truck, delivered a speech

this conference interpreted the 2017 work policy outline of Shaanxi heavy truck, and set the development goal of producing and selling 95000 heavy trucks in 2017 and entering the top three in the industry. Externally, the current heavy truck market has ushered in a rare market opportunity; From the internal point of view, Shaanxi heavy truck's product and market structure adjustment has been gradually in place, reflecting a strong competitiveness. At present, all employees of Shaanxi heavy truck are in high morale and firm confidence, and actively mobilize all forces to grab orders, setting off an upsurge of "decisive battle 2017"

since the beginning of this year, Shaanxi heavy industry British style fixtures and other standard automobiles that meet the standards of many countries have maintained a rapid development trend, and the market share of heavy trucks has increased steadily, becoming one of the best performing enterprises in the industry. Especially since October, benefiting from factors such as the adjustment of overload control policy and the increase of coal transportation demand, Shaanxi heavy truck's orders have shown a blowout growth, and in November, the orders exceeded 20000, hitting a record high. Compared with 2015, the growth rate of production and sales of Shaanxi Automobile heavy duty truck with the same caliber reached more than 50%, far higher than the industry average level, exceeding the annual production and operation task of 70000 vehicles set at the beginning of the year, and laying a solid foundation for the overall surpassing development in 2017

Tan Xuguang said: "Shaanxi heavy truck, as a subsidiary of Weichai Power Holdings, especially one of the important sectors of the group's gold industry chain, shoulders the mission and responsibility of the development of the group's complete vehicles. Especially today, with the deepening of the vertical integration of the industry, it is our important strategic measure to support Shaanxi heavy truck to become stronger and bigger. In the early stage, we held many meetings and scheduling, requiring other enterprises of Weichai to work overtime to fully ensure the supply and support of Shaanxi heavy truck."

in 2016, Shaanxi heavy truck, guided by the group's strategic objectives, optimized the strategy of taking the whole vehicle as the core, focusing on special vehicles and parts, and taking the post market as the growth point, and connected the layout with mobile phones through Bluetooth. Each business segment took the initiative to innovate the marketing mode, optimize the regional market structure, fully tap the needs of users, and seized the market opportunities of trucks, cold chain, hazardous chemicals, express delivery, etc. the sales of tractors and trucks increased by 101% and 48% year-on-year respectively; The main high-end logistics model X3000 has strong sales, and the fuel consumption and quality of products have been generally recognized by the market. The sales of signals generated by Tongtai high-speed load measurement sensors exceeded 25000 throughout the year, with a year-on-year increase of 383%, setting a new record for the listing and sales of new products in the industry. The market share of highway logistics models has risen rapidly, ranking seventh in the industry. The frequency range: 0.01 5Hz; Two

in 2006, when Weichai Power restructured Hunan torch, Shaanxi heavy truck sold only 13000 vehicles a year. After 10 years of in-depth integration and development, Shaanxi heavy truck has made rapid changes. In the past 10 years, Weichai Power has made great efforts to build a golden industrial chain of "Weichai Power Engine + fast gearbox + hande axle", and has expanded its layout in Europe, North America and countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road", which has provided strong support for Shaanxi heavy truck's technology research and development, product quality, marketing channels, service network and international expansion

Tan Xuguang said: "In the future, we will continue to use the strength of the whole group to support and promote Shaanxi heavy truck to become stronger and bigger, give full play to the technical advantages of the gold industry chain and the synergy advantage of abundant strategic resources, provide comprehensive support for Shaanxi heavy truck in a wider range and fields, accelerate the common prosperity of domestic and foreign markets, and continuously inject new elements into the core competitiveness of Shaanxi heavy truck. We believe that with the strong support of Shaanxi provincial Party committee and government, With the joint efforts of cadres and employees, we are fully capable of seizing strategic opportunities and achieving leapfrog development. " (this article is from Weichai)

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