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Shaanxi pharmaceutical holding group transfers 45% equity of its pharmaceutical packaging company

recently, Shaanxi pharmaceutical Holding Group Co., Ltd. was publicly listed on the western property exchange to transfer 45% equity of its pharmaceutical packaging enterprise Xi'an Yongxu Innovation Service Co., Ltd. This is an action taken by the group to become bigger and stronger since the restructuring last year, "Hilmar heithorst, product manager of Klaus mafi belstov, said that it has advantageous assets and realizes strategic transformation

according to the introduction of western property exchange, the major shareholder of Xi'an Yongxu is Xi'an Global Printing Co., Ltd., holding 55% shares; Shaanxi pharmaceutical holding group will cause harm to the environment and hold the remaining 45%. The proposed transfer price of Xi'an Yongxu is 1018, and the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry continues to increase 670000 yuan. The company belongs to the pharmaceutical packaging industry, with total assets of 30.6272 million yuan, including fixed assets of 11.7607 million yuan, current assets of 12.2255 million yuan and intangible assets of 6.641 million yuan. Last year, the company achieved a main revenue of 2.83 million yuan, an operating profit of 70000 yuan and a net profit of -20000 yuan

this asset transfer is part of the strategic transformation of Shaanxi pharmaceutical holding group. Based on the former Shaanxi Provincial Pharmaceutical Corporation, the group is a large state-owned pharmaceutical holding enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. It was officially established on December 28, 2006

one of the goals formulated during the restructuring is to achieve an annual sales revenue of 7.5 billion yuan by the end of the eleventh five year plan. For this reason, the group has made a series of functional adjustments, realizing the transformation from managing enterprises to managing assets (equity), and from managing production and operation to managing asset operation

according to Shaanxi pharmaceutical holding group, as the largest Chinese shareholder of Xi'an Janssen, the group hopes to build the largest chemical production base in Northwest China with Xi'an Janssen as the leader

to this end, the group will continue to play its role in asset disposal, deciding on investment fields, etc., and set the provision of policy support and industrial supporting facilities for Xi'an Janssen in the golden 10 years of the coal industry (2002-2011) as the top priority of the eleventh five year development plan. In 2007, it plans to invest 42.28 million yuan, relying on its own advantages to build pharmaceutical packaging materials, warehousing and logistics, raw and auxiliary material production, preparation processing and other enterprises, and fully support its strengthening and expansion. Sohu Securities statement: the information content of this channel is quoted from cooperative media and cooperative institutions, and does not represent Sohu Securities' own views and positions. Investors are advised to make a careful judgment on this information and enter the market based on it at their own risk

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