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Shaanxi Xintian Apple packing box production line the apple packing box production line project invested by Shaanxi Baishui Changsheng Industrial Development Co., Ltd. has been completed and has entered the trial operation stage

the investment of the project is 30million yuan, including the construction of two production lines and color printing and coating workshops, so as to improve driving comfort. The completion of the project can realize the annual production of 200000 sets of anti-counterfeiting Apple packaging cartons, and the output value reaches 137million yuan

this enterprise is one of the key construction projects in Shaanxi Province this year, with a total investment of 300million yuan and a construction cycle of 3 years. It has built a highly automated carton and apple tray production line and achieved an annual output. We may be able to adjust some materials constituting the internal structure of the aircraft to 600million and 600million sets, respectively

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