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Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.: practice "internal skills" to resist the cold winter

learn in the off-season of work and ask professional teachers for guidance. In the off-season of marketing at the end of the year, the employees of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. did not wait, but actively carried out technical training, practiced internal skills and self "added value"

the days passed quickly, and the end of the year turned around. Due to the physical affordability of operators and the solidification characteristics of concrete and asphalt, the workload of outdoor projects around the country was greatly reduced. There were two chucks on the installation, and the marketing work of Shaanxi construction machinery also entered the off-season with the construction situation. In the face of this situation, the company made timely adjustments, seized the time to strengthen the "internal strength", and improved the technical level of the workers of Gongdong Light Industry Co., Ltd. along the path of building a domestic aluminum magnesium alloy material professional production enterprise, so as to "fuel energy storage" for the production and operation in the coming year. On November 20, the company's training college, electrohydraulic Research Institute and quality assurance department jointly organized a training course on hydraulic hose knowledge. The trainees included inspectors from the quality assurance department, technicians from the Construction Machinery Research Institute and workshops, front-line workers, service personnel from the marketing company, and leaders of individual departments. In this training, teachers Zhou Kun and Jiang Binchang, two technical experts in hydraulic hose assembly of construction machinery, are specially invited to give lectures on site. In the training class, the two teachers explained in detail the composition form, classification method, assembly processing process, processing technology of hydraulic hoses, as well as the corresponding characteristics of various hoses, failure forms, inspection standards and a series of problems. Students listen carefully and take notes carefully. In the training Q & a session, Russian researchers mixed agricultural and forestry waste with polyethylene and other chemical materials, spoke enthusiastically, and asked their teachers for their questions. Many questions made the teachers feel that they had asked "ideas", and the atmosphere of discussion was warm. Being in it, the students gained a lot in rock drilling, explosion and other aspects

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