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Shaanxi Province invested 160million yuan in "armed" equipment manufacturing industry

Shaanxi Province invested 160million yuan in "armed" equipment manufacturing industry

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Guide: this year, Shaanxi Province will spend 160million yuan in total to specifically subsidize the armed equipment manufacturing industry. 95 projects received interest subsidy funds of 160million yuan. Recently, it was learned from the Shaanxi Provincial Department of finance that as the pillar industry of economic construction and development in our province, the equipment manufacturing industry, only in 2011

this year, Shaanxi Province will spend 160million yuan on mouse operation; Funds, special subsidies for "armed" equipment manufacturing industry

95 projects received loan interest subsidy funds of 160million yuan

according to the current experiment, the equipment manufacturing industry, as the pillar industry of economic construction and development in Shaanxi Province, completed an output value of 293.465 billion yuan in 2011 alone, accounting for 20.64% of the total industrial output value of the province, and its contribution to the economy and fiscal revenue of the province is second only to the inspection rod chemical industry of energy processing

in view of the adverse situation that the equipment manufacturing industry in Shaanxi Province has been affected by factors such as slowing macroeconomic growth and weak external demand, product prices have fallen and downward pressure has increased since this year, Shaanxi Province has adopted tax preferential policies this year to reduce or remit taxes on 42 enterprise groups and their 118 holding enterprises, and the local tax retention in 2011 was 244 million yuan; Through special funds, interest subsidy funds of 160million yuan for 95 projects have supported the R & D and technological transformation of equipment manufacturing industry, and further mobilized the enthusiasm of enterprises to increase technological transformation, technological progress and technological innovation. Among them, 193 million yuan of income tax and value-added tax will be refunded to enterprises including Shaanxi Automobile Group, BYD, XD, fast and Xi'an aircraft group, and about 51 million yuan of property tax and urban land use tax will be directly reduced and exempted. All the tax rebate funds will be used for enterprise technology research and development and transformation

50million support for military civilian integration equipment manufacturing project

it is understood that in order to give full play to the guiding role of special financial funds, 160million yuan of special funds for the development of equipment manufacturing industry will be budgeted in 2012, and the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, and equipment manufacturing advantage support industries will be determined according to the principle of "highlighting key points, centralized use, and efficiency first" The construction of key product R & D, technological transformation and industrialization projects in the fields of basic processes and basic parts and components will be the focus of special fund support in 2012

in accordance with the requirements of the application guidelines, Shaanxi provincial finance department and the Provincial Department of industry and information technology jointly organized expert review and project publicity, submitted it to the provincial equipment leading group for approval, and arranged 55.52 million yuan of enterprise technology transformation loan discount and subsidy funds for 62 projects, including Shaanxi KONE Special Purpose Vehicle Company and Shaanxi Baoguang Vacuum Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 4.379 billion yuan and 986 million yuan of leveraging bank loans; Supporting funds of 43.48 million yuan were allocated for five major R & D projects listed in the national high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment science and technology, including Xi'an Jiaotong University; At the same time, 50million will be arranged to support the construction of military civilian integration equipment manufacturing projects

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