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Shaanxi heavy truck new environmental protection muck car helps calculate the stripping strength according to the stripping force and the width of the knife edge. Suzhou metro construction

Shaanxi heavy truck new environmental protection muck car helps Suzhou metro construction

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during the National Day holiday, the whole country was immersed in the festive atmosphere of the National Day holiday. A large parking lot in Suzhou, a beautiful historical and cultural city, was filled with laughter and firecrackers, and a smart muck car body of Shaanxi heavy duty truck, covered with red flowers, gradually drove in. This was the scene of the Suzhou delivery ceremony of a batch of new environmental protection muck cars of Shaanxi heavy duty truck

this batch of vehicles are Shaanxi heavy truck new environmental protection muck vehicles purchased by Suzhou Zhongtian Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. for a transportation company, which are specially used for the construction of Suzhou subway

due to the high density of any coloring material applied to this material, it is understood that the new muck truck specially built for Suzhou Metro by Shaanxi heavy truck and CIMC Huajun adopts Weichai engine, fast gearbox and hande axle, which is also significantly superior to similar competitive products in terms of safety configuration. Shaanxi heavy duty truck adopts Bosch high pressure common rail +scr technology, and the PM2.5 in its exhaust emissions is reduced by 85%. PM2.5 in the exhaust emissions of Shaanxi heavy truck natural gas muck truck is reduced by 100%, which greatly improves the quality of exhaust emissions, reduces the emissions of solid particles, reduces the sources of haze, and returns the city to a blue sky

at the delivery site, the professional service personnel of the service station conducted a strict inspection of each vehicle and trained the drivers in vehicle operation and use. After the festival, these vehicles will be officially put into the construction of Suzhou Metro

with excellent product performance, excellent intelligent advantages and bright appearance, the new environment-friendly muck truck of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck Co., Ltd. sells well in the national market, and is deeply loved by local governments, muck associations, muck transportation companies and users

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