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Shaanxi solar photovoltaic industry chain has fully entered the overseas market

according to the news, from the Shaanxi provincial government, in 2010, the province invested in the construction of the whole solar photovoltaic industry chain to enhance the research, development, implementation and utilization of new technologies, new processes and new products of non-ferrous alloy materials in China, about 2.5 billion yuan. At present, solar photovoltaic products have fully entered the overseas market, mainly sold to Europe, America and Southeast Asia

photovoltaic power generation is a direct power generation method that uses solar energy and semiconductor electronic devices to effectively absorb solar radiation energy and convert it into electrical energy. It belongs to the "green" industry and is considered to be the most important thin-film pendulum impact testing machine in the 21st century. Its purpose and scope of application: new energy. In recent years, Shaanxi has made great efforts to develop new energy industries dominated by solar photovoltaic and semiconductor lighting. With Shaanxi electronic information group as the leader, Shaanxi has integrated enterprises such as Huanghe group and Xijing Electric Appliance Corporation to accelerate the construction of the whole solar photovoltaic industry chain. At present, the layout of the whole industrial chain has been completed, covering the whole production process from raw materials to solar cell modules. The ball screw has a high degree of Zui

according to statistics, the production and sales of Shaanxi solar photovoltaic products are booming this year, and the main market is overseas. Shaanxi electronic information group solar cell modules have obtained European TUV certification and American UL certification, and has signed a 50MW annual sales agency agreement with German solvosolar company; To set up a joint venture branch in North Carolina in the United States to be responsible for the sales in North America, we should not only consider the price and service of the experimental machine itself; Set up 4 sites in Germany and 1 site in Spain, responsible for sales and service in Europe; Set up a sales agent in Singapore, responsible for sales and services in Southeast Asia

experts here predict that in 2015, Shaanxi Province will invest about 12.4 billion yuan in the construction of all links of the solar photovoltaic industry chain, fully complete the construction of 1000 MW solar photovoltaic industry chain, and synchronously complete the construction of solar photovoltaic auxiliary chain, auxiliary material chain and equipment chain. After completion and operation, the sales revenue will be about 35 billion to 40 billion yuan

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