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Shacman delivery ceremony was held in Peru

in May, the delivery ceremony of shacman end customer tractor was grandly held in Lima, the capital of Peru. Mr. Juan Chara, the dealer of shacman, his sales team, Mr. Julio C é SAR, the general manager of the end customer company, and shacman Peru Office jointly attended the event

this delivery ceremony was jointly planned and held by shacman Peru office and local dealers. During the event, Mundo tuerca, a well-known local truck TV program group in Peru, was invited to conduct a special interview and live broadcast. At the same time, it was also broadcast live and circularly on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and instagram

at the delivery ceremony, the dealer juanchara Jinan experimental machine was the equipment student who carried out the strength test, and first delivered a speech, He said: "We have cooperated with shacman brand for many years and are committed to providing more high-quality products to the Peruvian market. Thank you for shacman's support and help over the years. Today, the customer company that delivered the vehicle is our strategic partner. At present, it has purchased 20 shacman trucks in total. This purchase is the customer's trust in shacman's high-quality products and our long-term good maintenance and sales for our customers Post support affirmation. "

then, Mr. Julio C é SAR, general manager of the client company, delivered a speech: "At present, we have a batch of shacman X3000 and M3000 Series tractors. After careful consideration, we decided to purchase another batch of shacman vehicles, because shacman vehicles are very suitable for our logistics and transportation operations. The chassis design with S-type sensors as an example and ultra-high product reliability effectively ensure the attendance rate of vehicles and greatly improve the transportation efficiency of our company. In the future, with the growth of business, we will adopt Buy more shacman trucks. "

shacman Peru office said, "thank you very much for the efforts made by the dealers for the development of shacman, as well as the favor and praise of the customer company for our brand. We will continue to give the best support to the dealers and end customers in Peru, and provide better products to meet the market demand for aluminum and aluminum lithium alloy, accounting for 65% (about 14 tons)."

finally, the delivery ceremony ended with warm applause, and all shacman tractors were delivered to customers. It's a long way to go. Shacman will also continue to work hard in the Peruvian market, where it will then test its strength, forge ahead and provide customers with better products and services

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