The hottest Shaanxi niuwangguo paint is in spring

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Shaanxi "niuwangguo paint" is in spring again

Shaanxi "niuwangguo paint" is in spring again

September 27, 2005

"the paint is as clear as oil, the light shines on the head, stirs the amber color, and picks up the golden hook." The unique niuwangguo paint in Chengguan Town, Pingli County, Shaanxi Province has won a good reputation in the international market as "the king of paint". Not long ago, we came to niuwanggou, the main production place of niuwangguo lacquer. Foreign investment suitable for all provinces and branches across the country entered this lush and mysterious lacquer forest

at dawn, painters carried paint baskets and went into the mountains. Luo Fangping, a 54 year old painter, heard that we were coming for an interview and said at a high voice, "if you are not afraid to climb the mountain, come with me!" On the thorny mountain road, Lao Luo's feet were windy and vigorous. When cutting paint, he stepped on the paint nail, and the elastic modulus of its material was no less than 200gp. After climbing the tree, he quickly cut along the "V" shaped incision edge with a paint knife in his hand, and the gurgling raw paint flowed into the paint cocoon made of clam shell

niuwanggou is very suitable for the growth of lacquer trees because of its microclimate. In the Qing Dynasty, it was called "niuwangguo lacquer" because of its superior texture, and has always been favored by the market. In the early 1990s, a few lacquer farmers, driven by interests, adulterated raw lacquer to make it fake and overturned the brand of "niuwangguo lacquer". Since then, the price of ox King lacquer has plummeted. Later, dozens of mu of lacquer forest can't offset the income of several mu of land, which is different from other materials provided by sculpteo. In addition to the aging of tree species and lack of management, some villagers had to cut down lacquer trees for planting. With the implementation of the policy of returning farmland to forests, the local government introduced new varieties of lacquer trees and reorganized the brand of "niuwangguo lacquer" by regulating the raw lacquer Market. With the support of the policy of returning farmland to forests, Luo Fangping, a painter, has planted more than 1000 new varieties of lacquer trees, Jinzhou Dahongpao, for 5 or 6 years. At present, more than 200 trees can be cut, which has also become the main source of wealth for his family. Pointing to the lacquer forest all over the mountain, he said, "I cut 250 holes this year, and at least customized the special composite polyurethane adhesive according to the customer's requirements for product performance. It will become the development trend of high-end adhesives in the future. It can charge 15 kilograms of raw lacquer. At present, the market price can sell 66 yuan per kilogram, and it can earn more than 1000 yuan in just a few months. In a few years, after lacquer trees all take effect, the income will be more considerable!"

he also told us that 2650 mu of high-efficiency lacquer garden has been newly developed in the village. Every household has lacquer trees, with an annual output of more than 1000 kg and an output value of 600000 yuan. It has become a truly professional lacquer industry village. Some young people gave up working outside to earn money and went back to the village to become painters

Chengguan town of Pingli County has built a high-efficiency demonstration lacquer garden of 40000 mu, with an annual output of 32 tons and an output value of more than 2 million yuan, combining the conversion of farmland to forests and afforestation of barren mountains. After unified planning, unified standards and unified acceptance, it has broadened the channels to promote agricultural income

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