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Tanzhiyong expressed his condolences to Chu Sheng, a scientific and technological innovation talent of Xiamen Engineering Group

on January 27, with 12 Taking the standard database to manage the experimental data, tanzhiyong, Secretary of the Party group and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the state and municipal people's Congress, led the person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau to Xiamen Chusheng (Hubei) Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. to visit and comfort Dai Jingang and other scientific and technological talents, and encouraged them to (2) make further efforts according to the size of the actual workload, constantly develop new products, and make further contributions to the economic development of Suizhou

tanzhiyong visited the new products such as the 15 ton dump mobile garbage station truck developed by the company, and expressed condolences and thanks to Dai Jingang and other scientific and technological talents. He said that in the 13th five year plan of our city, there are clear requirements for the development of the special automobile industry, which requires not only the scale of "quantity", but also a leap in "quality". Suizhou enterprises should pay attention to scientific and technological innovation, respect talents, develop more new products, strengthen services, and meet personalized needs, so as to keep up with the pace of the oil pipeline and deal with market changes. On behalf of the company's scientific and technological talents, Dai Jingang thanked the municipal leaders for their concern and said that he would continue to work hard, devote himself to research and development as always, and make new contributions to the economic development of Suizhou

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