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Leaded tap water doesn't exist

with the continuous improvement of our living standards, people have gradually higher requirements for their living environment. In terms of domestic water, recently, the lead-containing faucets have led to a reduction in the quality of domestic water for residents. In fact, the main reason why the faucet will produce lead is that the water and the metal material of the faucet are produced in the case of long-term contact. According to the relevant person of China Quality Certification Center, at present, more than 95% of domestic faucets are cast with copper. And the power of these equipment: the power of oil pump motor is 1.5KW; Most faucets are made of brass or bronze, with lead content of about 4%~8%. If used for a long time, lead will be released into the water. If water containing too much lead is used, it will seriously affect your health

then, how to avoid the impact of lead on our lives

1. Do not drink overnight water. The relevant data are quality control, lithium battery industry is in the period of demand explosion. The basic equipment of material inspection, physical property experiment, mechanical research and material development shows that the longer the water stays in the faucet, the higher the lead content. Therefore, before use, be sure to turn on the faucet for waterproof minutes

2. Do not buy inferior faucets. When buying faucets, consumers must choose products that meet the quality standards. It is best to choose stainless steel faucets, because stainless steel materials do not contain lead, and there will be no secondary pollution. When used in paint, they can withstand long-term high-temperature baking and extreme external conditions

3. Before drinking water, observe the water quality changes of drinking water in time. In case of abnormal color or turbidity, foreign matters or peculiar smell, give up drinking water

4. Clean the scale regularly. Although scale is not harmful to health, irregular cleaning of scale will reduce the efficiency or failure of water equipment, shorten the service life of equipment, and greatly increase energy consumption

5. Install the water inlet. The installation of a water inlet with quality assurance can filter the sediment and rust in the water, and remove bacteria, residual chlorine and excess calcium ions

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