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Taolang released a new

for the Chinese market. The world's leading waste sensing and sorting scheme expert, tomra sorting recycling (hereinafter referred to as taolang), announced that it would officially launch the new bottle chip sorting equipment innosortflag for the Chinese market during the 14th China International recycled polyester forum and exhibition

at present, most domestic waste plastic recycling enterprises mainly produce recycled polyester fiber. However, with the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements and the limited import of waste plastics, these enterprises have changed from processing and processing imported materials to processing domestic recycled waste materials; These changes have brought a series of new challenges to plastic recycling and processing enterprises. At present, there is a lack of sorting equipment that can meet the needs of domestic PET recycling enterprises in terms of performance, quality, price and flexibility

Tao Lang conducted extensive research on China's domestic waste plastic recycling and processing market, especially for the recycled PET industry, visited a large number of customers to understand their needs, and listened to their opinions and suggestions on existing products. Tao Lang's R & D team carefully analyzed the customer's feedback, combined with the long-term industrial experience in serving the global waste plastic recycling and sorting market, adjusted the existing products and technologies, and launched a new innosortflake bottle chip sorting equipment

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this new sorting equipment inherits the key detection technology of taolang's autosortflake equipment, which is popular in the international market. It can not only improve the purity of recycled PET bottles, but also have a higher cost performance ratio, which can help customers improve product quality and achieve a higher return on investment

innosortflake's outstanding beauty is that its function and performance are more suitable for the sorting needs of waste plastics in polyester fiber production and other industries. It adopts Tao Lang's mature near infrared (NIR) detection technology and DuPont high performance materials division's patented flying beam technology for cars at k 2016 exhibition, which can remove all kinds of impurities in PET bottles according to color and material, including impurities of the same color but different materials, Such as PVC, PP, PE, PA, POM, etc., and can significantly improve the separation efficiency, including after thermal aging and production capacity, while ensuring high separation purity and final product quality

in order to further improve the separation purity, Tao Lang believes that after the bottle pieces are broken, the impurities contained in the bottle pieces below 4mm are more concentrated. Therefore, it is most effective to improve the sorting purity of PET bottles and reduce the impurities contained in bottles less than 4mm, but it is difficult to do this with conventional sorting technology. Innosortflake bottle slice sorting equipment has achieved a breakthrough in this regard, which can effectively remove impurities in bottles less than 4mm, thus significantly improving the purity of recycled PET bottle slices

Xiexiaohan, general manager of taolang sorting resource recovery China, said: "we know that customers' needs come from all aspects, including the sorting performance, function, stability and other hard indicators of the equipment, as well as the consideration of equipment price, operation convenience, technical support, after-sales service and other aspects. Customers' needs are the direction of our efforts. The launch of innosortflake shows that taolang has been (3) This method is of great significance for similar products. It uses its own leading technology and rich industrial experience to help Chinese customers solve the practical problems they face. The launch of innosortflake will also help to improve the recycling rate of PET beverage bottles, improve product quality, help customers achieve a higher return on investment, and practice the goals of sustainable development of both enterprise operation and environmental protection. "

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about tomra sorting recycling

the tomra sorting recycling division was founded in 1996. Its headquarters, R & D department and the world's largest automatic sorting and testing center are all located in Germany. So far, more than 5500 sorting equipment have been operated in more than 80 countries worldwide, including China. In 2011, taolang sorting resource recovery business unit set up a sales and service team in China. At present, it has sold and installed more than 180 sets of equipment in China, and provided installation and service support for each equipment. Taolang company provides sorting solutions suitable for most solid wastes, including e-waste, end-of-life vehicles, urban household waste and waste plastic recycling

taolang sorting scheme integrates three businesses using advanced sensing sorting technology and processing technology, namely: resource recovery, food and mineral sorting. As a global leader in sensing sorting technology, taolang sorting has installed more than 10000 equipment in more than 80 countries, and its head office tomra systems ASA in Norway provides strong financial support

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