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Tang Yuan Electric landed on the gem today

China Securities News (he Yupu) Tang Yuan Electric (300789) was listed on the gem on August 28. As of press time, tangyuan electric reported 46.97 yuan/share, up 32.01%. The number of shares issued this time is 11.5 million shares, with an issue price of 35.58 yuan per share. The raised funds are used for the construction of high-speed railway and urban rail transit power supply safety at the moment of discharge, the bulb will flash full detection and monitoring system and high-end technical equipment R & D and production base, the construction of rail transit detection and monitoring technology R & D center and other projects. There are three commonly used fatigue analysis methods: nominal stress method, local stress strain method and damage tolerance method

the prospectus shows that Tangyuan Electric is a maintenance solution provider of rail transit spectrum analyzer, and its main business is the R & D, manufacturing and sales of traction power supply in rail transit industry and public works engineering detection and monitoring and information management system. The company's products are mainly used in the traction power supply of electrified railways, high-speed railways and urban rail transit lines and the operation and maintenance of public works projects, so as to improve the safety or reliability of power supply, tracks and tunnels, and maintain the continuous operation capacity of rail transit systems. The direct customers of the company mainly include railway operation units, rolling stock plants, metro companies and general contractors, and the end users are mainly railway operation units and metro companies

financial data show that from 2016 to 2018, the company's operating revenue was 141 million, 204 million, service life: 800 million, 265 million, net profit was 36.21 million, 61.8 million, 83.6 million, maintaining a rapid growth trend. In the first half of this year, the company achieved an operating revenue of 136 million yuan and a net profit of 41.47 million yuan. The company expects that from January to September this year, the operating revenue will increase by 22.5% to 50%, and the net profit will increase by 38.02% to 56.13%

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