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Aim at the brain! On September 16, Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Green Valley pharmaceutical signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai to jointly promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of the national major scientific research instrument development project - "deep brain stimulation and neural regulation technology based on ultrasonic radiation", which was approved by customers, Help this achievement with leading technological advantages and core technology initiative in the world to drive into the fast lane of industrialization

based on the new principle that ultrasound can control the electrical activity of neurons under specific acoustic conditions, this project develops a new instrument system composed of a series of nuclear heart viewing components such as a large-scale 10000 array area array ultrasonic radiation force generator, so as to carry out millimeter level non-invasive and accurate stimulation and regulation of deep brain and whole space nerves in the brain. It is the world's first ultrasonic brain regulation method and verification system. According to the agreement, Green Valley pharmaceutical will invest hundreds of millions of yuan, and the two sides will jointly establish Zhongke Green Valley Medical Devices Co., Ltd. to give full play to the leading advantages of Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences in the field of ultrasound technology and Green Valley's core competitiveness in brain disease research and diagnosis and treatment, jointly build a Chinese original non drug treatment platform for brain diseases, and promote the in-depth application of internationally leading ultrasound diagnosis and treatment technology in the field of health care

Fanjianping, President of Shenzhen Advanced Research Institute, said: "exploring the mystery of the brain and realizing the regulation of its internal neural activities are the ultimate challenges in the field of biomedical research in the world. 1 but after users set and complete the test data, it is also a prerequisite for effective intervention and treatment of brain functional diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and depression. Regular replacement of oil suction filters and filter elements is also a prerequisite. "It is reported that researcher zhenghairong of Shenzhen Institute of advanced sciences and the team of lauterper biomedical imaging research center led by him first put forward a new idea of neural regulation in the world, which also made the research team a" leader "in the field of ultrasonic neural regulation ". this time, Shenzhen Academy of advanced sciences chose to establish a strategic partnership with green valley, which is expected to accelerate the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements of major national scientific research instruments through green valley's innovative drug research and development advantages in the field of brain disease mechanism research and neuropsychiatric disease treatment and a strong marketing team, so as to benefit more patients.

this special project, approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, will be Alzheimer's disease The treatment of brain diseases such as Parkinson's disease and depression and brain science research provide innovative new tools and new means, which will eventually be applied in clinical practice

Author: Shi Jiamei

: Jin Wanxia

: Gu Jun

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