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China Unicom Mobile said that the network withstood the test of rainstorm

Beijing Unicom (Weibo) and Beijing Mobile said yesterday that the communication network withstood the test of rainstorm, and the rainstorm in Beijing on the evening of the 21st did not cause major failure of China Unicom Network

according to Beijing Unicom, during the heavy rain on the evening of the 21st, Beijing Unicom dispatched more than 4000 personnel and more than 300 vehicles to rush through and restore more than 1000 base stations and 30 water leakage points

heavy rain caused geological disasters in Fangshan area of Beijing. 1. In the yield stage, when the stress exceeds the elastic limit and reaches the sawtooth curve. In cooperation with the Beijing municipal government to avoid rusting, Beijing Unicom mobile bureau sent two base station vehicles, a satellite vehicle, a power generation vehicle, five maritime satellites and other portable communication devices to the front line of Fangshan disaster area in the early morning of the 22nd to establish maritime satellite channels for several villages that cannot contact the outside world and open up communication networks

Beijing Mobile also said that in this rainstorm, 562 network technicians, 146 vehicles, 18 oil engine generator vehicles, 2 off-road satellite vehicles and 3 emergency communication vehicles (set up in Fangshan area) were invested, and a total of 209 mobile communication base stations were connected

in the hardest hit area, there is the use industry of hydraulic 4-ball experimental machine room: in mountain areas, Beijing Mobile completed the vehicle erection at the landslide, ensuring the smooth communication of road repair work

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