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Unicom users were subscribed to value-added services, customer service said to be investigated

recently, the reader Mr. Cai called the morning post and said that he only used to dial local calls on weekdays, and inadvertently found that his Unicom was bundled with a change-over switch, which should be turned to the loading file for fourorfive value-added items, so he was deducted more than 230 yuan of phone charges within five months. Although after negotiation, Shanghai Unicom refunded the extra value-added project service fee to Mr. Cai, Mr. Cai was unsure whether similar things would happen in the future: "I hope Unicom can improve the service quality and improve this kind of arbitrary charging."

monthly user fees soar

Mr. Cai has two, one of which belongs to China Unicom's ruyitong number, which is mainly used to pick up and call in the city. As he applied for the free listening package, the calling fee is 0.12 yuan per minute. "My main thing is to use it. I send short messages at 3 or 10oC (3) 5oC at room temperature; rarely, I never use functions such as online, and I use another one for long-distance calls." But to Mr. Cai's surprise, in recent months, the phone charge of his Unicom has suddenly increased from only 20 or 30 yuan a month to 60 or 70 yuan, and more than 230 yuan of phone charge has been deducted in five months

"I used to recharge one or two hundred yuan each time, so I never felt there was a problem. Recently, I recharged 50 yuan each time, and the problem was exposed all at once." Mr. Cai said that he recently charged 50 yuan, but two days later, the system sent a message to remind him that he was in arrears and stopped. "I've only played in seven or eight cities, and the cost is only about 2 yuan. How can I just charge 50 yuan and owe it again?" Mr. Cai called the customer service of Unicom, and the query result surprised him

"customer service said that when I subscribe to the interface on the controller at the same time, I must maintain an accurate corresponding state. It's simply inexplicable for the service of four stations." Mr. Cai said that he never used or subscribed to the corresponding services such as SMS, and the service items subscribed by these four stations were unheard of by him

after negotiation, the customer service agreed to return the fees for him, but Mr. Cai still felt uneasy: "if I didn't call to check, I didn't know I had been deducted so much fees. I hope other Unicom users should also be vigilant."

received more than 100 value-added services every month.

yesterday afternoon, according to the password provided by Mr. Cai, some billing records were called out from the upper service hall of Unicom. Because it is a user of ruyitong, the upper business hall can only provide recent billing information, but some clues were found on the two detailed lists in November last year and January this year

in the detailed list in November last year, there were 108 value-added services, with a total cost of 61.9 yuan. Among these charging items, the most frequent ones are "Unicom new Guoxin Communication Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch", "Beijing Tianzhou Communication Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch", "Shanghai Zhongyan Communication Technology Co., Ltd.," sannoluo Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., "Shanghai Yuesheng Information Technology Co., Ltd.," and "Shanghai rannuo Information Technology Co., Ltd.," and the charging method is charge per time, with the cost ranging from 5 to 10 yuan, In addition, there is a Xuanling platform business that charges 5 yuan

what surprised Mr. Cai most was that in the nearly 40 minutes from 12:23 to 13:04 on November 23 last year, 17 MMS messages appeared on the bill. Except for 4 that showed a fee of "0", the rest were charged a fee of 0.3 yuan. "I seldom send short messages, let alone multimedia messages!" Mr. Cai feels very wronged about this. Similarly, in the detailed list in January this year, the above charges are still prominent, with a total cost of 63 yuan

call Unicom's customer service, and the staff admitted that these charges are Unicom's SP value-added services: "Mr. Cai subscribes to 'one machine with multiple numbers',' stock secretary ',' Unicom Baiyou ', as well as an email service and' ruyi antivirus' service." According to the explanation of customer service, "one machine with multiple numbers" costs 10 yuan per month, and the call cost after binding the number is 0.15 yuan/minute. It is more cost-effective to dial long distance; "Stock Secretary" can provide corresponding stock services; "Unicom Baiyou" is the mailbox service; "Ruyi antivirus" is an anti-virus application service

for these services, Mr. Cai said he had never heard of them: "I usually don't speculate in stocks, and it's useless to order 'stock secretary'; I don't know how to use email and antivirus; as for 'one machine with multiple numbers', even if I don't apply, the current package is not expensive, so it's completely unnecessary." Who helped me subscribe to these services? Mr. Cai is full of doubts

like Mr. Cai, Miss Su, a citizen, had a similar experience. She told that because she often used Unicom, the upper and lower space was tight and tortuous, so she specially applied for a 5-yuan package. But to her surprise, when she received the bill at the end of the month, she found that the charge was as high as 260 yuan, and then it reached 80 yuan and 60 yuan respectively in the next few months. "I reported to Unicom customer service, but they told me that I couldn't find the detailed list of traffic, and now I dare not use it." Miss Su complained

customer service said that it was necessary to wait for the background investigation

called Unicom's customer service again. The staff said that in early March, Mr. Cai had consulted about the phone bill. At that time, Unicom had returned the overpaid part complained by Mr. Cai in accordance with the principle of "paying in advance"

as for the question of what caused Mr. Cai to be overcharged for several consecutive months and the unreasonable charge of Miss Su, the customer service staff said that the background needed to make a corresponding investigation, and it was impossible to draw a conclusion for the time being. Morning paper

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