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Unified communication agricultural IOT solution: make smart agriculture shine.

with the popularity of mobile Internet and the sharp decline in the price of smart devices, traditional agriculture has also inserted the wings of wisdom and entered the development stage of smart agriculture, which is mainly characterized by new technologies such as science and technology, information and so on. Using cloud computing, data mining and other technologies to analyze agricultural information data at multiple levels can not only solve the problem of increasing shortage of agricultural labor, but also realize the intellectualization, accuracy, digitization and controllability of agricultural production

on November 20, 2016, the State Council issued the national agricultural modernization plan (year), which laid out the development tasks of national agricultural modernization during the 13th Five Year Plan period from five major areas, and specifically implemented 14 major projects such as smart agriculture, which should be relatively simple to reflect the extreme pressure resistance of a smooth oil product (especially gear oil). The plan proposes to carry out IOT transformation for field planting, livestock and poultry breeding, fishery production, etc., and build 10 agricultural IOT application demonstration provinces, 100 agricultural IOT application demonstration areas, and 1000 agricultural IOT application demonstration bases

unified communications (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a cloud communication service provider specializing in the research and development of communication products and solutions. Its core R & D team comes from well-known R & D centers such as Genesys, Fujitsu, Tencent, Alibaba, etc. He has more than 15 years of rich experience in the field of tens of millions of high concurrency server-side, mobile instant messaging, real-time audio and video technology

its smart agriculture construction plan can achieve more complete information-based support, more thorough agricultural information perception, more centralized data resources, more extensive interconnection, more in-depth intelligent control, and more intimate public services. The browser or client can display the temperature, humidity, pH value, light intensity, CO2, switch remote control of greenhouse, field and greenhouse in real time. It is widely used in Greenhouse Monitoring and automatic irrigation in the next five years

Introduction to the solution of the agricultural IOT system of unified communication

unified communication and Application on the basis of IOT technology, communication technology and sensing technology, a three-tier architecture is made for the agricultural IOT system, which is respectively the perception layer, the transmission layer and the application layer

1. Agricultural perception layer

the main task of this layer is to transform a wide range of real-world agricultural production and other quantities into digital information or data that can be processed in the virtual world in real time and automatically through various means

the information collected by the agricultural IOT mainly includes the following types:

Agricultural sensing information: such as temperature, humidity, pressure, gas concentration, vital signs, etc

agricultural article attribute information: such as article name, model, characteristics, price, etc

agricultural work status information: such as working parameters of instruments and equipment

agricultural geographical location information: such as the geographical location of the goods

the main task of the information acquisition layer is to mark all kinds of information and finally convert it into digital information for processing. The technologies involved in the information acquisition layer include QR code tags and recognizers, RFID tags and readers, cameras, GPS, sensors, terminals, sensor networks, etc

2. Agricultural IOT transmission layer

the main task of this layer is to summarize the collected agricultural information through various network technologies, and integrate a wide range of agricultural information for processing. The transmission layer is the nerve center and brain information transmission and processing center of the agricultural IOT. The network layer includes the integrated network of communication and interconnection, network management center, information center and intelligent processing center

3. Now we can create the agricultural IOT application layer of precision and deep-processing products such as vehicle aluminum body frame and aluminum alloy stamping parts for customers.

the main task of this layer is to summarize the information, analyze and process the collected information, so as to form a digital understanding of the real world. The application layer combines the social division of labor of agricultural IOT with the needs of the agricultural industry to achieve extensive intelligence

four advantages of unified communication agricultural IOT

1. Establish a reasonable, efficient and stable agricultural ecological environment management

through the scientific integration of front-end sensors and background comprehensive analysis and management platform, an intelligent ecological management system platform is formed. The front-end sensors mainly include electronic ion sensors, biosensors and gas sensors

2. Agricultural production process management to improve and improve the efficiency of production system

adopt scientific planting methods and management to achieve healthy planting, improve the quality and yield of crops, and bring economic benefits to enterprises

3. Agricultural product safety management to control harm and loss

the system adopts two-dimensional code technology, RFID technology, GIS and GPS technology to realize the traceability platform of the supply chain, and can conduct system access on the Internet, desktop computers, intelligent terminals and other terminals

4. IOT technology strengthens the management of agricultural equipment and facilities

facilities and equipment are the basic conditions for the development of facility agriculture. Strengthen the maintenance and management of facility agricultural equipment, reduce the adverse impact of severe climate change on facility agricultural production through the improvement of battery performance, and ensure the normal production and supply of agricultural products

unified communication agricultural IOT agricultural equipment and facilities information base, state base, scheduling service base and intelligent analysis platform based on IOT technology provide strong technical support for the realization of smart agriculture

unified communication agricultural IOT, as the mainstay of smart agriculture, has provided one perfect solution after another for agricultural production and accelerated the development of traditional agriculture to smart agriculture

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