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On the afternoon of May 7, Tian Wenke, general manager of the customer business department of China Unicom Group, revealed that China Unicom has 28000 customer managers of small and medium-sized enterprises, providing basic communication and information services for the food safety inspection of more than 4 million small and medium-sized enterprises across the country

Tian Wenke said that in order to implement the "service year for small and medium-sized enterprises", Unicom will carry out the action of "innovating in China · win-win with Volvo" from May 2012 to further promote the informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises, which will end on November 30. "The headquarters of China Unicom Group organized 20 games in a unified manner, and branches across the country organized no less than 10000 games by themselves; provided more than 10 kinds of information products for small and medium-sized enterprises to choose, and provided a variety of 3G, broadband and other business preferential activities; provided free product trial experience for more than 500000 enterprises."

the 20 action plans are distributed in economic development zones and high-tech zones. The above figure is a new type of lightweight, high-strength, flame retardant and high elastic metamaterial zone, industrial clusters, etc. on the basis of preliminary market research, according to the characteristics of different regions, different product combinations are provided to improve the informatization application level of small and medium-sized enterprises. "Such as sales steward, fax, mobile OA, enterprise e-mail, invoice, video monitoring, VDC, positioning service, self-service station building, enterprise mailbox, purchase, sales and inventory, accounting, CRM, three-dimensional panorama, etc.

talking about the customer service system of small and medium-sized enterprises, Tian Wenke said that China Unicom will continue to improve the customer service system of small and medium-sized enterprises, and has established a perfect marketing service system at the group, provincial, municipal, district/county levels to provide customers with "One point acceptance, comprehensive service and utilization of its epikote resin trac series advanced resin system and epikure curing agent trac 6000 Series" national one-stop service; Provide customer managers, business offices, networks and other business acceptance channels to facilitate customers to handle business; Establish a standardized marketing service system to provide all-round services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Up to now, China Unicom has carried out video surveillance, mobile office, positioning management, financial management, enterprise SMS, fax and other business information services of Zhejiang Guotai Electric Technology Co., Ltd. C114 China Communications

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