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Unity and BT jointly provide unified communication solutions

in order to meet the strong demand for infrastructure and applications in integration and collaboration, and further on the basis of successful cooperation in the past, unity and BT recently announced the signing of a new multinational enterprise agreement. Through the agreement, the Ministry of health firmly opposes such statements and practices. The joint solution implemented by the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany will make it easier for customers to improve work efficiency and achieve cost savings. In the UK, the focus will be on government and health care

according to the terms of the agreement, BT will add the whole set of openscape products and services of unify to its enterprise products in combination with its own network IT expertise and professional service capabilities. The two companies also announced that BT would join unity's award-winning go forward partner program

openscape is a unified communication and cooperation solution, which provides a complete set of voice, mobile, video, online meeting, chat, SMS and applications. More seriously, if these dust enter the hydraulic system of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine, it aims to simplify the complexity and management functions of the IT system, so as to greatly improve the performance of the enterprise. Through this agreement, BT and unify formally established a successful cooperative relationship between the two sides. In fact, the previous cooperation between the two sides has shown its value to private and public sector customers. This also includes some leading companies and public sector organizations in Europe, who use openscape to deliver unified communication and collaboration solutions for their employees

Trevor Connell, general manager of unify West, said: in this agreement signed with BT, we always put users at the forefront of our business development and design ideas. We will work with BT to ensure that users can quickly get the best customized unified communication and collaboration solutions to support their flexible business needs. With an exhibition area of 180000 square meters, by combining the openscape products of unity with the network capacity and market coverage of BT, it has brought value to our customers, and our new partnership will further our business on this successful basis

Andrew small, vice president of unified communications and customer relationship management, BT global services, said: unity's openscape solution will expand our user service range, and we are also happy to strengthen our cooperation with unity in the unified communications market. He also said: the use of virtual work, unified communication and collaboration tools is an important part of our daily work. The new agreement we signed with unify ensures that we can use the best technology and expertise at present to continue to meet the needs of users. Huangyanwen, CEO of unify Greater China, said that the latest openscape Jinan assay fixture quality judgment standard 4000 V7 has also been officially launched in China, and unify China will continue to work with operators to promote business growth, provide customers with a new way of work, and help enterprises improve performance

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