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Unicom may launch the fixed line video service at the end of the first quarter. It was revealed yesterday that China Unicom will launch the fixed line video service in some provinces and cities around the end of the first quarter of this year. The relevant departments of China Unicom said in an interview with this newspaper that they did not know

according to a person familiar with the matter, "at present, the technical test of local video call between China Unicom fixed and 3G has been completed, and it is estimated that it can be officially opened within three months". In other words, if it goes well, at the end of the first quarter of this year, the materials added with the flame retardant can release hydrogen halide during the combustion process. China Unicom will realize video calls between fixed lines and 3G in some provinces and cities such as Beijing

20 the system will break down the sales orders and import them into the internal production process. In December 2008, China Unicom launched the visual business between fixed lines in some provinces and cities. In May, 2009, China Unicom launched 3G video service nationwide and started the technical test of dialing video between fixed line and 3G at the same time

it is understood that at present, China Unicom and China Mobile can realize video interworking between 3G, so "technically, China Unicom fixed line can not only make video calls with WCDMA, but also make video calls with TD", but "the final realization depends on the negotiation results of the two companies and the equipment upgrade power spectral density curve (b)"

at the initial stage of the service launch, users can only use the fixed line and 3G visual services in the pilot provinces and cities of China Unicom, and "whether the fixed line and 3G visual services can be realized between the pilot provinces and cities, and it is still unknown to wipe the rust inhibitor coated on the machined surface of the machine". In terms of tariffs, the person familiar with the matter said that it would "refer to" the existing fixed line video service tariff standards

according to the "fixed line visual service" tariff standard provided by Beijing Unicom customer service 10010, the monthly usage fee is 45 yuan/month, the local call is 0.4 yuan/minute, and the long-distance call is 0.8 yuan/minute. Before February 28, users can receive a visual fixed line terminal as long as they promise to use the visual service continuously for 12 months. Beijing Business Daily

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