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Unicom announced the official commercial policy of 3G today, and nine basic packages appeared

this afternoon, China Unicom will hold a press conference to officially announce the commercial tariff policy of Unicom 3G. It is reported that Unicom 3G will be officially put into commercial use on October 1, and a total of 9 packages will be launched, including an increase of 96 yuan, 126 yuan and 156 yuan, while the 1686 yuan package during the trial commercial period will be automatically converted to 886 yuan package

Unicom 3G was officially commercial on October 1

according to insiders of China Unicom, Unicom 3G will be officially commercial on October 1, rather than September 28, which was previously reported by the media. However, on September 28, China Unicom will disclose the 3G commercial tariff policy in detail

this actually means that China Unicom made and suspended the official commercial schedule of corresponding weight setting ahead of schedule. According to the previous plan, in the first stage, the first batch of 55 cities of China Unicom began trial commercial limited number issuance on May 17, trial commercial scale number issuance on September 1, and other 229 cities began trial commercial limited number issuance in batches before the end of September; The second stage is that by the end of the year, 284 cities of China Unicom will synchronously start the official commercial use of 3G, and the scale will be released

however, as the 3G construction progress of China Unicom was faster than expected, China Unicom readjusted the official commercial time

9 basic packages are fully released

according to the national unified tariff announced by China Unicom, there are three swing angle modes: basic package, wireless card loading package and optional package. Among them, there are seven basic packages from 186 to 1686 during the trial operation period from May 17, and the voice tariff level in the package is 0.24 yuan -0.36 yuan/minute

among them, in terms of basic packages, the charges of official commercial packages of China Unicom have been significantly adjusted, with three new levels of 96 yuan, 126 yuan and 156 yuan. In this case, the official commercial package of China Unicom 3G is 96 yuan, 126 yuan, 156 yuan, 186 yuan, 226 yuan, 286 yuan, 386 yuan, 586 yuan, 886 yuan, a total of 9 files

at the same time, compared with the basic package based on high-density silicon columns and sensors during the commercial period, the official 3G package of China Unicom has significantly increased the free 3G traffic. For example, the 510 minute call duration of the 186 yuan package remains unchanged, but the free flow is significantly increased from 60MB to 650. The travel resolution: 0.001 mmmb, the m/t value remains unchanged, and the free visual time is increased by 20 minutes

lower the threshold of the package

in order to attract more users to join, China Unicom has significantly reduced the threshold of the package, and launched a 3G package with a minimum of 96 yuan and a student package of 66 yuan

Unicom's 96 yuan 3G package includes 240 minutes of talk time (not limited to local and roaming), 300MB of online traffic, 12M, 20t, and 10 minutes of video

66 yuan 3G student package includes 300m traffic, 50 minutes of domestic voice, 10 minutes of domestic video and 240 point-to-point SMS, as well as email and caller ID. The excess domestic voice calls are 0.20 yuan per minute, which can be regarded as 0.9 yuan per minute

at the same time, China Unicom 3G implements national one-way charging, and no matter where in China, there is no money for answering; The price is also unified across the country, regardless of local and local calls. Sina Technology ()

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