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Unicom iPhone will deploy similar wi

to give you a "handheld base station"

Unicom revealed that iPhone (upper) users have reached 100000, and it wants to deploy "Wi Fi like" access on a large scale

December 10 from January to October this year, Thailand imported a total of 413 extruders from China. Yu Yingtao, general manager of China Unicom Huasheng Communication Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Unicom, revealed in an interview that 100000 iPhones have been sold since they were officially sold in China 40 days ago, of which 71% have signed a two-year consumption contract with China Unicom, "basically satisfactory"

Yu Yingtao also confirmed that the 3G version of iPhone introduced by liancreep endurance testing machine does not have Wi Fi, and the Wi Fi module has been removed from the hardware

however, China Unicom is about to launch a service called "handheld base station". This service is directly oriented to the experimental court that usually needs to be completed at home. For customers who have installed home broadband, they only need to install a transmitting device, and users can access Internet resources through the smell of home broadband TPE materials within a range of 20 meters to 30 meters, which is becoming more and more concerned by people in the industry. The transmitting power of this transmitting device is only 1/10 of that of ordinary wireless modem

since these traffic do not go through 3G mobile Internet, users only need to pay a small monthly fee. Yu Yingtao said that Unicom may deploy such devices on a large scale in the future. The handheld base station will provide Unicom users, including iPhone, with another possibility of fast access to the Internet

some insiders believe that as a supplement to 3G networks, devices and services such as handheld base stations can provide operators with fixed resources with another way to provide high-speed Internet access services, so as to avoid the limitations of 3G networks in terms of bandwidth capacity and cost

up to now, although the three major operators have invested heavily in building their own 3G networks, there are still deficiencies in network coverage, bandwidth capacity and so on. In the first half of this year, Chinatelecom, which quickly completed the basic layout of 3G network, once promoted wireless card loading business on a large scale, but then it was said that due to the rapid increase of users and the decline of 3G network speed, it no longer vigorously promoted this business. China Mobile and China Unicom have similar problems in their networks to varying degrees

in fact, Chinatelecom once deployed Wi Fi access points on a large scale, advocating that 3G users directly access high-speed fixed broadband interconnection through Wi Fi where there is Wi Fi, and then use 3G networks where there is no Wi Fi. China Mobile has also deployed Wi Fi access on a large scale

in addition to the handheld base station, Yu Yingtao also said that although there is no timetable for when to introduce Wi Fi on apple, it is expected that such a wait will not be too long. Unicom and apple are working together to enable apple to support both foreign Wi Fi standards and domestic independent WAPI standards. 21st Century Business Herald

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