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Unicom rushed to make remote payment: establish the alliance of Wo payment business circle

no one can resist the huge cake of mobile payment. The three major operators are also sparing no effort to actively promote mobile payment services. China Unicom payment company has made frequent moves recently and established the wopay Business District Alliance to expand merchants

according to flying elephant, China Unicom payment company quietly established the wopay business circle alliance to attract high-quality e-commerce enterprises to join, so as to quickly expand the scope of use of wopay

by sharing Unicom user resources, China Unicom has transformed the huge wopay user group into an alliance merchant group. That means that e-commerce enterprises that join wopay business circle alliance can get Unicom's promotion resources and customer resources free of charge. Clay and graphene are similar

it is reported that Unicom payment company has launched its differentiated micro payment in the wopay business circle alliance. In April this year (2012), when China Unicom payment company Unicom payment Co., Ltd. was established, Dai renfei, general manager of Unicom payment company, once revealed that the remote business of Unicom payment company is mainly to develop mobile quick payment and micro payment business, and will launch micro payment products and upgrade mobile quick payment products in the second half of the year

Unicom micropayment is a kind of fund service mainly provided by Unicom users' own communication account funds or credits. E-commerce companies that join wopay business circle alliance can quickly access micro payment through green channel and enjoy preferential rates. We will provide a minimum fee policy for participating merchants to support their development. Unicom payment company related personnel said

in this regard, Zhang Meng, a senior analyst at Analysys International, said that from the business district plan of Unicom Waupaca, it can be seen that the payment business of Waupaca has officially entered the stage of large-scale merchant expansion, and hopes to attract merchants through preferential and low prices. From the perspective of profitability, it also shows the determination of Waupaca to expand the field of experimental payment in the immediate space under the support beam. In the process of payment business expansion, the initial price is the most direct and simplest means of market entry. However, to make great progress in the payment market, we also need convenient and efficient products, and there are more and more requirements for environmental simulation under extreme experimental conditions: ultra-high pressure, ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, ultra vacuum, ultra-high strength, ultra radiation, corrosion resistance and other good operation management And good customer service level and other capabilities to maintain good contact and cooperation

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