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The benchmark price of Shahe futures has become the national standard. Recently, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange adjusted the benchmark price area of glass futures from Zhangjiagang to Shahe City. From next June, the National Glass futures price will be based on the price of Shahe glass

the reason why it can become the benchmark price area of glass futures stems from the continuous upgrading of Shahe glass industry. In the past two years, Shahe City has accelerated the elimination of backward production capacity. At present, more than 90 million weight boxes have been eliminated, and all backward production capacity has been eliminated. At the same time, it has successively established strategic cooperative relations with colleges and universities such as Wuhan University of technology and scientific research institutes, and built a number of production lines with technical equipment at the advanced level of BASF master builders solution department in the country, with some production processes and technologies reaching the highest level in China. The aviation industry of the special high temperature resistant and fireproof glass project developed by chirun is the leading market, filling the gap of high temperature resistant glass products in China. The offline Low-E glass project of the "three new" industrial park has reached the world-class level in technical equipment. The products sell well all over the country and are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia. The annual export volume reaches US $150million, and is increasing at a rate of 30% to 40% every year. As the testing process area with the lowest production cost, the most concentrated supply and the largest export proportion of flat glass in China, the ex factory price of Shahe glass affects most parts of the country

according to Langsheng company, compared with the steel structure originally adopted, Shi Renxi, director of the Finance Office of Shahe City, said that the benchmark price area is located in Shahe, and futures companies and investment institutions should study and analyze the future glass price trend of Shahe City every day, which has greatly improved the popularity and influence of Shahe City and Shahe glass industry. The glass premium in the benchmark price area is zero, which is convenient for enterprises to use glass futures for hedging. In addition, the futures market is national. Compared with Shahe, the glass spot is mainly sold to Hebei Province and surrounding areas, and the people who buy glass on the futures market come from all over the country, which is conducive to expanding the sales area of Shahe glass enterprises

Liuguofang, the mayor of Shahe City, said that they are making every effort to promote the transformation of the glass industry from low-end to high-end, and strive to build Shahe into a glass R & D, cultural and exhibition center with great international influence

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