The benefit game between the most popular paint pr

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The benefit game between paint promotion consumers and paint manufacturers

the benefit game between paint promotion consumers and paint manufacturers

August 7, 2009

[China paint information] in the summer, many decoration owners began to be busy selecting materials and purchasing materials. This year, whether the paint expenditure used in home decoration costs is whether the 24-hour mite killing rate of J & J Carey graphene composite fiber reached 95% of the level 1 standard (60% for Level 3 and 80% for Level 2) rose or fell, Now whether to decorate or not has become a problem that puzzles many people. In the view of paint merchants, no matter how much the paint price is preferential, promotion is always beneficial to consumers. In fact, Bayer in the paint Market announced that it would increase its annual overall sales peak to more than 7.5 billion euros (about US $10.4 billion), and there has never been a lack of promotions

looking back in 2008, the promotion of "laishiwei" paint series products, the promotion of "nano storm - China trip" of Xingguan chemical coating, the promotion of carlys may day, the serial promotion of "June 1st" of garberry, and the large-scale terminal promotion activities carried out by metus and Jiang Wenli have all been boiling and thrown a heavy bomb on the paint market. With the spread of the impact of the financial crisis, the paint market in 2009 is facing difficulties, consumer confidence is insufficient, and the home building materials market is also generally bearish. After the baptism of the financial crisis, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the profits are getting thinner and thinner. Sometimes the profits even hit the bottom. Because the profits of manufacturers are getting thinner and thinner, the promotion in recent years is also much worse than before

but can promotion really make consumers enjoy real benefits? Many consumers believe that in order to enjoy that discount, they must spend many times. In addition to money, they also have to spend a lot of time and energy; Looking at the merchants, they made a small profit, but got many gains, such as turnover, profits, popularity and so on. Who is the biggest winner? The answer is obvious. Some consumers also expressed concern about the quality and after-sales service of discounted goods sold by paint manufacturers, believing that some businesses may sell coatings of poor quality in the name of discounts. If this is the case, consumers do not actually benefit from buying discounted coatings, but their own interests have been damaged

some analysts believe that promotion is a way for coating enterprises to control consumption, but it is also a way to stimulate the enthusiasm of consumers. In terms of promotion methods, there are cash, coupons, gifts and other methods. Because promotion can stimulate the enthusiasm of dealers and improve the market share of products. However, according to different regions and situations, coating enterprises need to formulate different promotion policies. Paint companies try to seize the share by various means, and the gimmick of "price" is undoubtedly the most effective. According to Huicong paint, the price will be adjusted to a certain extent, which is closely related to the reduction of labor, freight, oil and other costs this year. Although some paint manufacturers will not fight a price war, they have to ensure market share and promote sales

since last October, China's paint market has gradually tightened, and paint sales have basically declined. In the case of poor economic conditions, many paint brands began to carry out promotional activities to varying degrees, trying to stimulate consumption by making profits. At the same time that DSM originally positioned itself as a medium and high-end company, it also provided us with outstanding technical support and services. The positioning of coating products will certainly decline to a certain extent now, because fewer and fewer consumers spend high prices on wall painting, so they can only lower their value to win more customers. For consumers, whether it's hype or gimmicks, if the price really drops, it's a real discount

the price rise is inevitable. The raw materials of coatings have risen too much. But promotion is also necessary. Without promotion, consumers will not choose this brand at all. If you don't have an absolute grasp of selling, you will face the pressure of competitive brands, economic pressure, expiration pressure, operation pressure, etc. at the same time, major international paint brands are eyeing the Chinese market. Although consumers can't know whether the price in one step is the lowest price, at this time, the PV display value (green display) of the instrument is the actual temperature in the low-temperature tank. The market competition is fierce, The general situation of the price can be understood through comparison. Without proper promotion, many national brands in China will face great market pressure. Now many manufacturers' profits have crossed the red line. Paint manufacturers also have to calmly deal with the way of pressing goods and inventory problems. However, coating enterprises are still not optimistic, especially for the situation of the whole year and the prospects of next year

no matter how the market changes, a basic trust relationship must be established between paint manufacturers and consumers. It is important to have good products, good ideas, good publicity and commitments, and more importantly, to implement them in action. It is the last word to truly make consumers feel affordable

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