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The benefits of using plant physiological instruments in crop detection

we can know some basic information about crops through their growth characteristics, such as whether they are sick, whether they have sufficient nutrients, etc., which we can observe with the naked eye, but what we can't know, such as the size of leaf area, leaf green content, etc. These data need us to understand with the help of plant physiological instruments. The size of leaf area can be completed by hand-held leaf area tester, which can let us know the size of plant leaf area for further research. It is not only the leaf area that can reflect the growth state of plants, but also the automatic seed counter, seed testing system, etc. What are the benefits of using these devices in crop detection with the greater amount of compression

advantages of plant physiological instruments:

1 Fast and nondestructive "China Hengrui open body detection of plant life, which does not affect plant growth.

2. All parameters can be measured at the same time and displayed in real time in one operation.

3. Nitrogen, chlorophyll, leaf temperature and leaf humidity four parameters are displayed in Chinese at the same time on the same screen, and can be stored at the same time, and the average value of the four indicators can be obtained automatically.

4. The Chinese interface has" system settings "," view data "and" energy saving settings " "Clock setting", "delete data" and other functions

5. Historical data can be viewed in sequence or jump

6. You can input the plant name, and the standard nitrogen content and utilization rate can directly calculate the standard fertilization amount

7. The thickness of the arbitration sample is 3mm. The data saved in the host will not be lost after accidental power failure

8. Historical data can be deleted one by one or all with one click

9. The instrument has its own USB interface, which can be connected to the computer to export the measured data, which is convenient for the management and analysis of plant nutrients

10. The built-in lithium battery is used for power supply, and there is no need to change the battery for direct charging. The instrument has its own backlight function

the use of plant physiological instruments can let us have a further understanding of plants, and then let us have a better understanding of plants in different periods, know the nutrients, water and other substances it needs to grow, and then we can provide them for their healthy growth. Topyunnong is a company specializing in the production of agricultural instruments. It has been in this industry for many years, and then through the force measurement system to collect data, the quality of production is guaranteed. For listed companies, you can rest assured to buy the agricultural instruments you need here

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